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Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2015

Rilakkuma Party ~ November Q Box 2015

This month instead of the usual box, I received a bag. That's probably due to the sizes of the items.

This months theme was >> Rilakkuma Party <<

As usual here are a couple of informations about Q Box >>

Q-Box is a Lifestyle subscription box. They ship 5-7 full-size cute items in the section beauty, fashion, accessory and home. The products are mostly from Japan and Korea. Each box contains products of an actual value of 70$.
In every box there is included a high quality jewellery.
They ship internationally!!

They offer the following plans:
-  3-months ~ 68.85$
-  6-months ~ 137.70$
- 12-months ~ 275.40$

You will also pay 15$ shipping fees for each months.

You usually receive the box towards the end of the months.

<< Here are all the items from the box >>

San-X Rilakkuma Plushy Toy

I'm probably at an age were I'm not supposed to get that excited over a plushy, but it's my first receiving a Rilakkuma plushy. :P Rilakkuma looks like he just left the shower with that headband on. In the meantime it's holding milk in his hand, so probably housemen kuma. This plushy also has a strap to hang it on a window or mirror.

San-X Rilakkuma Cospley Ears Headband

At first I thought it was another screen cover. I was just about to say that: "Okay Q-Box, you can stop with those. I don't need that many screen savers". Don't get me wrong but it would have started to get annoying, if I received 3 times in a row the same item. But hey, it's actually a headband...:D It is super adorable and I can be twinsies with my plushy, although more than Rilakkuma it looks like Pooh bear. Still super adorable.

San-X Rilakkuma Mini Selfie Stick

I just got my second selfie stick. (Remember from my Sailor Moon Box?) But this time I got a mini selfie stick. Now we're talking about something reasonable. I would never consider taking with me a selfie stick if it's as big as a tree and heavy as a stone. This selfie stick might be something that I would take with me. It's super light, only 13,5cm long and you can stretch it out to 48cm. 
There was no cable with my Sailor Moon selfie stick, but this time I got one included and it actually works with my phone.

San-X Rilakkuma Coin Bank

It might looks huge in the picture but it's actually not that big in real life. 

San-X Rilakkuma Mobile Stand

A mobile stand is probably one of the most useless things ever. Let's face it, who puts their phone on a stand?!? if you do, then respect dude!! ;) My phone is everywhere and most of the time I have to look for it. So this stand will probably be used for something else. Maybe a post-it holder or I just put a postcard on it for decoration.

San-X Rilakkuma Porker Playing Card

These are actually the only cards that I can play. There are also a couple of games to play on your own... For those *forever alone* moments.

San-X Rilakkuma Memo Note Set

These note sets are super duper adorable, but I made the experience that once you remove them and want to stick them somewhere else, the glue doesn't work anymore... that's quite a shame, since it makes the whole purpose pointless.

San-X Rilakkuma Key organizer

How adorable is Bee Rilakkuma. 

San-X Rilakkuma Card Protector

I have a card organiser, but because I have cards that I use on a daily basis and don't want to sort them out, I keep them loose in my wallet. Now it's a good time to store them inside this card protector. Good thing is that you can keep 2 cards in it.

My Sweety Pets Necklace

The only item that is not from Rilakkuma is the jewellery. In most of the boxes the jewellery is not part of the theme. I got this black cat necklace. It looks kind of grumpy.

Come to think of it. In this box I didn't get any snacks. Instead I received this cute little pick set.

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