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Samstag, 29. August 2015

In the name of the Moon ~ Limited Edition Q Box ~ Sailor Moon ~

I'm super duper excited for this unboxing!!

Q Box is a lifestyle subscription box that ships cute items in the sections beauty, fashion, accessories and home goods.
It ships once a months a box filled with 5-7 items. Sometimes even 8.
They ship internationally.

They offer the following plans:
-  3-months ~ 68.85$
-  6-months ~ 137.70$
- 12-months ~ 275.40$

Beside their regular monthly boxes, Q Box also offers special edition boxes. Rilakkuma Box, Totoro Box, Alice in Wonderland and the one that I ordered Sailor Moon.

In these boxes you will receive various items surrounding the theme of the ordered box.
They only have a certain amount of boxes available so you better follow them on their Ista and stay up to date. ;)

I ordered the Sailor Moon box. It was such a popular box that they restock the box again, but I believe it's sold out already. The price was $49.99 and it shipped 7 items.

Never have I thought that I would ever own a selfie stick and look at that, I didn't just get any kind of selfie stick, I got a moon sceptreselfie stick. This way all my pictures will be magical. :P
On the sceptre there is even a button, but until now I still haven figured out how it works.

I received this really cute sailor mercury mini sculpture.
Sailor Mercury is probably my least favourite sailor so I was a bit disappointed. I would have been way happier with Sailor Mars or Venus.

This is one of my favourite item in the box. It's a sailor moon t-shirt!! It is so cute and makes me feel so magical.

I got a Sailor Moon wallet!!!! Although I don't use a wallet, I'm really excited about this.

As for the jewellery, I received the sailor amulet in earrings and necklace. It's super adorable.
Good thing is that you don't need ear holes for the earrings because they come with clips.
I've been rocking the necklace since the first day and all my friends have been loving it. As you maybe can see the necklace seems pretty used up already, but that's partially also because I don't remove it before showering.

A Sailor Moon makeup bag!! It's so spacious and super adorable.

Getting all these Sailor Moon items made me so excited!!! You are never too old for Sailor Moon!!! ;)

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