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Samstag, 29. August 2015

In the name of the Moon ~ Limited Edition Q Box ~ Sailor Moon ~

I'm super duper excited for this unboxing!!

Q Box is a lifestyle subscription box that ships cute items in the sections beauty, fashion, accessories and home goods.
It ships once a months a box filled with 5-7 items. Sometimes even 8.
They ship internationally.

They offer the following plans:
-  3-months ~ 68.85$
-  6-months ~ 137.70$
- 12-months ~ 275.40$

Beside their regular monthly boxes, Q Box also offers special edition boxes. Rilakkuma Box, Totoro Box, Alice in Wonderland and the one that I ordered Sailor Moon.

In these boxes you will receive various items surrounding the theme of the ordered box.
They only have a certain amount of boxes available so you better follow them on their Ista and stay up to date. ;)

I ordered the Sailor Moon box. It was such a popular box that they restock the box again, but I believe it's sold out already. The price was $49.99 and it shipped 7 items.

Never have I thought that I would ever own a selfie stick and look at that, I didn't just get any kind of selfie stick, I got a moon sceptreselfie stick. This way all my pictures will be magical. :P
On the sceptre there is even a button, but until now I still haven figured out how it works.

I received this really cute sailor mercury mini sculpture.
Sailor Mercury is probably my least favourite sailor so I was a bit disappointed. I would have been way happier with Sailor Mars or Venus.

This is one of my favourite item in the box. It's a sailor moon t-shirt!! It is so cute and makes me feel so magical.

I got a Sailor Moon wallet!!!! Although I don't use a wallet, I'm really excited about this.

As for the jewellery, I received the sailor amulet in earrings and necklace. It's super adorable.
Good thing is that you don't need ear holes for the earrings because they come with clips.
I've been rocking the necklace since the first day and all my friends have been loving it. As you maybe can see the necklace seems pretty used up already, but that's partially also because I don't remove it before showering.

A Sailor Moon makeup bag!! It's so spacious and super adorable.

Getting all these Sailor Moon items made me so excited!!! You are never too old for Sailor Moon!!! ;)

July Q Box 2015 unboxing

My second Q box arrived and I also find out that each box has a theme. This months theme was Macarons.

For those who don't know what Q Box is, here a couple informations:

Q-Box is a Lifestyle subscription box. They ship 5-7 full-size cute items in the section beauty, fashion, accessory and home. The products are mostly from Japan and Korea. Each box contains products of an actual value of 70$.
In every box there is included a high quality jewellery.
They ship internationally!!

They offer the following plans:
-  3-months ~ 68.85$
-  6-months ~ 137.70$
- 12-months ~ 275.40$

You will also pay 15$ shipping fees for each months.

Here the unboxing video:

i-NeU Nail Art Design Book - Korea

I received a nail art design book with many nail charts to try out new designs. Unfortunately everything is written in korean and I don't get exactly how it works.
I'm pretty sure this book is really useful for people that love nail art. In here you can practice a lot.

Matty's macaron Sticky Memo - Japan

As mentioned before this box is macaron themed and this was one of the macaron items. These are some really cute sticky memo pads. :)

My Sweety Pearl Golden Leaves Hair Clip - Korea

The jewellery this month was this super adorable leaf hair clip. It gives such a ancient greek vibe.

Matty's Macaron Luggage Tag - Japan

This is probably the most adorable luggage Tag that I've ever seen! So adorable. From now on I will only travel with this on my suitcase. :)

Daho Blackhead Clean Brush - Japan

I've seen this brush back in Japan and I was really tempted to buy it. In the end I never bought it and now I received it in my Q box. This blackhead remover is so cute and fits perfectly in my finger.

Matty's Macaron Storage Boxes Set - Japan

Remember the orange macaron box that I received in one of my Kawaii boxes? Guess what, I received other macaron containers. The exact same just in other colours. I even received a pink one!!

Too Cool For School Shadow Blush Palette - Korea

Too Cool for School!! I always wanted to try this beauty brand out. This mini palette comes with a blush and two eyeshadows. They are super pigmented.

Cecil McBee Bag in Bag Print Tote Bag - Japan

The last item that I received is this super adorable bag. It's a bag on a bag!!
This bag is quite big and I'm going to use this as my shopping bag.

On their website they say that the maximum would be 7 items.. but in this box I received 8 items!! It's a win win. :D

Sonntag, 23. August 2015

Clarisonic Mia 2 Nautical Summer Faded Rose

For several years I was interested in the Clarisonic. This summer when I hit Marionnaud in my town, I came across this pink Summer Edition. I believe they told me that it was a limited edition.
I'm completely obsessed with this colour. I always told myself that I would buy a pink Clarisonic.
Beside the pink one they offered two additional colours: Sunwashed Peach and Bleached Denim (Blue).

For those who are not familiar with Clarisonic, here are some informations about it:

- Clarisonic is a Facial Sonic Cleanser:
It gently cleanses your face in only 60 seconds. They suggest to only use it twice a day. It's for all skin types. It helps you getting a healthier, smoother and softer skin.

- Cleanses 6x better than with your hands:
Clarisonic ascillates at over 300 movements per second. It doesn't vibrate. It removes your makeup completely. It helps skin products absorb better to the skin.

Clarisonic offers different types of cleanser. It is up to you to find the perfect match for you. I decided to go for the Mia 2, because it's a travel friendly device, therefore not all to big or heavy and has enough applications for me.

About Mia 2:
- 2 Speeds
- Interchangeable brush head
- Battery indicator
- 1 minute pulsing T-Timer
- Travel case
- Replace brush head every 3 months

The device comes with a charger, travel case, a mini size cleanser and a sensitive brush head.

My thoughts about it:

So far I've been using it for almost 3 months now and I'm completely in love with it. When I was reading some reviews on it some girls claimed that they would have major breakouts after starting to use the Clarisonic. One reason why I was quite hesitant about buying it. Fortunately I never had any breakouts because of it. It has been working greatly on my skin. My skin really feels clean after every wash.

Dienstag, 4. August 2015

My third and last Kawaiibox unboxing June 2015

I got my third and last Kawaiibox this week. It makes me really sad to think that this is already my last box.
This month as well, I received some really cute stuff.

To remind you of what Kawaiibox is here are the most important informations:

This subscription box comes with 10 to 12 cute items from Japan and Korea.

You can choose between 4 plans:
  •   1 month plan ~ 18.90 USD/1 month
  •   3 month plan ~ 18.90 USD/1 month
  •   6 month plan ~ 17.90 USD/1 month
  • 12 month plan ~ 17.90 USD/1 month

!Free international shipping!

The items that you get are all 100% original, no fake products. You receive accessories, DIY products, food, school supplies and much more.

For more informations visit Kawaiibox's website.

My favourite part about these boxes were the candy parts. It was always such a surprise to get one box of candy each month.

Like I already did for my past boxes I also filmed an unboxing video for my last kawaiibox. Make sure to subscribe to my Channel since there is going to be a giveaway very soon.

Cute Guys Stationary

I made the mistake and thought that this was a Rilakkuma stationary. Let's face it that bear looks a bit similar to him, maybe he's his cousin. :D
This stationary comes with 2 pencils, a pen, a rubber, a sharpener and 2 other things that I haven't figured out.
Like you can tell by the writings, this item is from Korea

Kawaii Bean Mini Plush

Waaaaa this blushie is so kawaii!! Please let me introduce to you mr. bean ;) He's so adorable with his pink cheeks.

Hello Kitty Pen

This Hello Kitty pen is so adorable!! I love the colour combination.

Alpaca Bag Charm

This alpaca key chain is so adorable!! I found out that this year is the year of the sheep and that's probably why there are so many alpaca items around.

Ice Cream Stickers

Like in all the other boxes, also in the last one I received stickers. These stickers are so cute. There is a lot of candy and bears going on.

Korean Nail Art Set

This month must be the month of nail art. I've been receiving a lot for nail art. Too bad that I'm not all too good at it. I've never worn fake nails and I don't know how to apply them. This is a set that comes with nail files and nail glitter stars and hearts. There is so much colour going on in this set.

Smiling Poop Sharpener

I was laughing at this because I thought it was poop and yet I was right... But it's probably the cutest poop in the world.

Strawberry Squishy Charm

This squishy looks to eat good. It's a strawberry with cream on the bottom.

Cute Animals Pill Box

This pill box will be my saviour for storing fake lashes. They've been laying all around my home. Sometimes they scared me to to death, because I thought it was a spider. lol

 Sushi Pluggy Charm

Who loves sushi!?!? Meeeee!!! It's been way too long since I ate last sushi. To be precise it was back in Japan.. so almost a year soon!! But now I can carry sushi around with me all the time.

Animal Sticky Notes

Sticky notes in form of fat birds!! How can we not love them!?!

Kracie Bubble Jelly DIY Candy

My favourite item of this box was the candy. I got diy pudding this month!!! Yay this is going to be super delicious.