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Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2015

Belated May Kawaii Box 2015 unboxing

In the end of June, I finally received my second kawaii box. The box had a delay of almost 2 weeks, because there was an issue with dispatching the box.
Their customer service made sure to keep us on track because of that issue through instagram or mail. It was on Instagram, when I received the first notification about the delay. It was really satisfying with how they managed to inform us all the time.

The May box is my second box. I wrote a post about the April box as well, so if you are interested then click here to get to that post. In that post I also have more details about the Kawaii box.
This month I received 12 items, the Maximum amount of items that you can receive.
I was really lucky with the colours of the items as well. Lots of pink and pastel tones.

The first thing that got my attention in this box was this super adorable japanese crepes dangler. I love japanese crepes, they are way to good and it's been so long since I had one. Japanese crepes always remind me of Harajuku because that's where they have most of the crepes stands.
Take me back to Japan!!!!!

Another dangler that I got was a half pealed banana with a cute face on it.
It's so adorable!! It even has eyebrows!!! :D Oh and it's so fluffy. :P

This months candy were gums. These gums come in really small pieces, you will need more than just one piece to get your bubble gum. They taste like Grapes.

As for fashion item I received this rainbow-coloured hair tie that comes with a bow. I don't think the colour combination is that kawaii though. xD

Attention catladies!!! There is a really cute red pen with cats on the cover in the box!

I got this really cute alpaca rubber. Look at that face, it's so adorable.

This wallet-pendent makes me miss Japan a lot. This would have been perfect for my suica card!! Aww too bad my country doesn't have train cards.

 I got paper, envelope and stickers to close the envelope.. I'm so ready to write a love letter :D

I received this really cute pink notebook with a pen as well. Yes!! I told you before I got so lucky with the colour choice this month.

If this box would have a theme then it has to be alpaca... xD it's the 3rd item with that animal on it :D

This is the result when Hello Kitty eats an dougnut!! :D awww this is one of my favourite items from the box :D It's so cute :P

The 12th item in the box was this compact comb and mirror chocolate bar in pink.

Watch me unbox it and trying to say "crepes" properly:

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