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Sonntag, 24. Mai 2015

My first subscription box ~ Unboxing the Kawaii Box April 2015

I finally subscribed to a monthly subscription box!! It took me so long to decide for something. I always wanted to subscribe to a beauty box but there where not many that shipped worldwide.
Recently my friend showed me a japanese candy box and I thought that was so cool and I went on the internet browsing for japanese related boxes. It didn't take too long to come across the +Kawaii Box.

KAWAII (かわいい) means CUTE in japanese.

This subscription box comes with 10 to 12 cute items from Japan and Korea.

You can choose between 4 plans.
  •   1 month plan ~ 18.90 USD/1 month
  •   3 month plan ~ 18.90 USD/1 month
  •   6 month plan ~ 17.90 USD/1 month
  • 12 month plan ~ 17.90 USD/1 month
You can also give away this subscription box as a gift by choosing a different shipping address.
I subscribed for a 3 months plan because I wanted to try it out first before subscribing for a longer period.

They offer free shipping worldwide! That means you only pay for the products. They ship from Singapore and you get a notification when they ship and in the mail they add the tracking number.
I believe they ship the boxes at the very last day of the month with economy, so you will get the box around 12 days later. At least that's how it was when they shipped my box for April 2015.

The items that you get are all 100% original, so no fake products. You receive accessories, DIY products, food, school supplies and much more.

For further information about the Kawaii box check out their website: Kawaii box.
On their website you can also see previous boxes and that will give you an idea on what you will get inside the boxes.
For subscribing to the box click here.

As mentioned before, I receive the box for the month of April and I thought I would unbox it with you guys.

I also made an unboxing video for you guys on my channel:

The box came with a little card. On it was handwritten spring. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be the theme of the box or just a little random note.
The products were covered with a baby pink paper.

In total I received 10 products. Mostly school supplies and one snack.

Obviously the first thing that I grabbed out of the box was the japanese candy!! :D
~ Glico COLLON Matcha Cream Biscuits ~
I have to admit that matcha is not my favourite scent but these biscuits are so yummy!! The matcha is not all too strong, that might be the reason why it doesn't bother me too much.
These biscuits were the only candies in the box but obviously it's not a candy box so it's totally fine.

As you might can see, the next product didn't arrived in it's best condition.
It's a glitter set with 5 different colours. Unfortunately everything is written in korean so I had a hard time in understanding for what you could actually use these glitters for. I believe you could use it with everything you want. I still have no idea what to do with them, so if you have any ideas please let me know.

I got a Rilakkuma notebook!! I believe this is my first Rilakkuma product ever.

OMG this pen is so adorable. The pony is just so cute. Let's just pretend that it's actually a unicorn. :P ... oh wait it has wings so it's a pegasus, right?

This macaroon container was actually my favourite product from the box. It's so cute, but so tiny. You could store small things like earrings or coins in here.
The colour is cool too, but I wish it was pink.

Is this a bear? A cat? Hmm a frog? Whatever it is, it's so cute!!
This teddy serves as a key chain. Might have to substitute mine.

Bow, bow, bow!!! I love bows. They are so cute and a great accessory for every girl. This bow is made of plastic and it's a hair accessory.

Give me five!! :D That's so cute a paw phone chain. I love dogs so this is really cute. Too bad that I actually don't use phone chains though, but I recently lost my chain on my polaroid and I guess I have a new one now. :P

I always wanted those pearls to tune up my phone cover. Finally it's time for some fun make over. :P

So many rabbits!! Aww these 3D stickers are so cute.

The last product that I got inside the box was this pen holder. The sheeps are so cute.

All in one I think these box had some really cute items. Some of them weren't really useful to me but that's the risk that everyone is taking when subscribing for a monthly box.
I am definitely looking forward to the next box just to see in how the boxes variate from each other.

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