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Samstag, 30. Mai 2015

Gifts Idea for your mommy ~ Beauty goodie box

With my mom's birthday coming this weekend, I decided to give you guys an idea on what you might could give your mom as a gift.
Clearly I never knew what to give my mom that would actually be useful to her. This year I decided to get a bit more creative and took the initiative to create a basket full of goodies.

In the past few years my mom became really cautions of her skin, so this was a perfect chance to give her a bunch of products.
Have you ever seen the prices of mature skin beauty products?!? Wow!! Obviously products for mature skin need to be a lot more effective than the regular moisturiser that a 20 year old wears on her skin.
My mom has used many products but she doesn't really has a regular skin care routine. I decided to help her out and created a skin care routine basket for her.

The steps are always the same no matter what age:

  • Makeup Removal: Even in the morning you might still have some makeup left on your skin from the night before.
  • Toner: Toner removes completely any remaining makeup and excess oil. It prepares the skin to Makeup application
  • Serum: Compared to day/night cream, serums nourishes the skin more deeply and effectively, so it is important to always use a serum. There is a huge variation for any type of skin and age.
  • Day Cream: Or moisturiser however you like to call it. Never skip that no matter what skin type. Even oily skin needs to be moisturised. It is important for aging skin to keep the moisture because it helps prevent wrinkles.
  • Night Cream: Whether you buy a cream for both night and day or you buy them separately, doesn't matter at all. Important is that if you use 1 cream for both, look that the cream doesn't contain any SPF, or else the sun protection will loose its effect. I personally prefer to use two different creams and always aim for a more nourishing night cream and something lighter for daytime. But this is totally up to you.
  • Eye Cream: This is a must have!! The eye area is where you get most of the wrinkles, so protecting your eyes from aging is very important. The skin around your eye area is more sensitive then the rest of your face so you need to take extra care of it.

Popular brands among mature age:
Biotherm ~ Compared to the other brand it's really affordable. They have an entire line dedicated to mature skin. The lady in the store told me that this brand is really popular among mature women.
Estée Lauder ~ The Advance Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II is a leading serum in the beauty market.

Instead of a box I decided to buy a basket big enough to fit all the products. For decoration I took transparent rainbow effect paper.

Taking in consideration the skin care routine above I collected products for my mom.
Since I'm not familiar with mature skin beauty products, I haunted down some beauty stores and asked for some advises from the lady in the corner.

Since I bought quite many products, I received many samples and goodies and obviously I just added them to the basket.
PS. Don't you think the hippo from my card looks really cute? :D

Beside of skincare products I also bought some makeup products. I bought her an eyeshadow palette, since my mom rarely wears any eyeshadows. Usually with the years going by the eyes start to become smaller, so taking that in consideration I bought her bright and shimmery products.

Important: to make the eyes appear bigger always use bright and shimmery colours!!

Obviously you don't have to create a whole set of a skincare routine like I did. Clearly not everyone has the budget for that. You can make your mom already really happy by just giving her a serum or a day cream. 
In general I like the idea of making boxes filled with different products as a gift and really cool is when they create an entire routine.
Example: Manicure Set, Day Makeup Set, Bath Set, Baking Set, ecc..

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