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Sonntag, 3. Mai 2015

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Finish #01 Personne Ne Rouge Review

A couple of weeks ago when I was going through the beauty corner of my local drugstore I came across this new lip product from Bourjois. Of course I had to test it out, since I am a huge fan of those cream textured lipsticks. So I went directly for the red shade.
I have quite a couple of lip products from Bourjois and have to admit that they are quite impressive.

So the product itself smells really disgusting, like that white fluid that you use to cover up your mistakes that you did while writing. (What is it called? Tip-ex?) Luckily you won't smell it when applied on the lips, but they should really work on that.

It comes in this small containers with a brush applicator. It seems like the container is see-through and you can see the actual shade of the lip product. It's a beautiful cold toned red.

Use the brush for application. For my thin lips the brush is almost too big for a precise application, but it still worked out. I usually don't use any lipliner for these types of lip products, they usually tend to be really long lasting on it's own.
The shade is really pigmented and once applied it appears matte. The shade is buildable so in case you want less pigmentation just apply a little bit less on your lips and spread it all over your lips. For full exposure just add more product. The product is really long lasting, the only down side is that they start to feel dry with time passing by.

I tried to wash off my hands the cream by using soap and water. As you can see, I wasn't fully able to wash it off properly. On the contrary look at how much remained on my hand.

Beside the fact that it dries out quickly this product is quite impressive. To give you a better look, here is how it looks applied on the lips~

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