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Donnerstag, 30. April 2015

Diary of a shopaholic: New Fond, New Red

Maybelline Dream Wonder Nude Fluid-Touch Fondation #21 Nude Beige Doré

This fondation is fairly new in the market and I heard many great reviews on it. So after buying the L'oreal Infaillable Fondation, I got the recommandation to buy this one since it's supposed to be as great as the L'oreal fondation.
The bottle is tiny, it only contains 20ml of fondation. It says that one drop is enough to cover up your entire face.
There are about 5 different shades and #21 seemed to be the lightest. This shade fits me perfectly, it has a yellow tone. I also tried one shade above it which was #30 I believe and it had a grey tone in it but would have fit in as well.
When I tried it on it had a really matte and powdery finish.
The applicator looks really funny. It has a drop look a like shape.

L'oreal Matte #402 Forgive my sin

Do I actually have too many red lip products?? YES!! Do I need all of those different products? No! Will I stop buying them? OF COURSE NOT!!
They had 4 different shades. A nude shade, a pink shade and two red shades a warm tone and a cold tone. I picked up the cold tone because my skin is cold toned.
This lip product has a creamy texture and a matte finish. They are really pigmented and seem to be fairly long lasting. The lip cream has a really nice fruity scent. I think it's raspberry.

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