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Samstag, 14. März 2015

Bubble baths with i love...

I LOVE... BUBBLE BATHS!!! Yes to pampering weekends!! Who's going for a pamper weekend?!? I surely am.
Bubble baths are like the most enjoyable things ever! I can't end a week without getting one. Usually sundays are my spa-days. Unfortunately for me, my town doesn't have a Lush store, so I'm forced to find other nice scented bath bombs or bath creams.

My all-time favourite bath cream is from "i love... Strawberries & milkshake". Not only does it smell amazingly good but it also bubbles up quickly up to give me a bubble massacre!

I purchased this product over a year ago in a store called Douglas. When I went there the other day, they didn't have the exact same product anymore, instead they had one with strawberries and cream.
It smells slightly different but the difference is really small.

I usually add a spoon of cream to my hot water and it gets all bubbly and cozy!!

The bottle contains 500ml and if you not overuse it, it might last you for half a year.
What's your favourites bath product? Let me know. :)

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