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Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2015

Dior Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Velvet Peony Extract - Dry or Sensitive Skin Review

This is probably my first high-end product review ever!! I decided to buy Dior skincare products just out of curiosity.

Product description

This cleanser is meant for dry skin or sensitive skin.

When I picked up this product I thought it came already out in a foamed form. Instead it came out in a cream form. I was really skeptical about that, because usually the cream textured cleanser were always really drying on my skin.

On the first try I realised that the cream is actually really watery and feels really soft on the skin. It's suppose to foam when in contact with water.
The cream has a really nice scent. It smells like a herbal tea, it's really relaxing.


The product comes in a size of 125 ml. Even thought you have to squeeze it out of the packaging, you still have enough control over the measurement. A small amount goes a long way, that's why it last for a couple of months.

How it works

After removing your eye makeup up with a specific remover, cleanse the rest of your face with this cleanser. Wet your face before applying the cream. I use an almond sized amount of product and apply it all over the face avoiding eye area. Massage and rinse with water. The cream barely foams up, it remains really water.

You might notice right away at how soft and gentle the cleanser is. It creates like a protective barrier on your skin that protects the skin from loosing it's moisture.

Rate: 4/5

The product itself is amazing!! It works great for dry skin, it cleanses deeply and leaves a soft sensation behind. Unfortunately this product is worth at least 5 japanese cleanser!!!

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