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Samstag, 10. Januar 2015

10 Makeup Tips for Glasses

Glasses have been a huge trend since a couple of years back. It doesn't matter what shape, size or colour, they have totally conquered the world. The nerdy style has become a symbol of sexiness. Looking smart is attractive!! So get those glasses out!!

I'm more comfortable when wearing my contacts, but sometimes I just feel lazy or don't feel like wearing contacts and just use my glasses. It's not that I despise glasses, but I feel that I look weird when wearing glasses. I feel much better wearing makeup when I have glasses on.
It can be quite tricky in wearing makeup with your glasses, so I decided to create this post with some tips on how to apply makeup properly.
If you read till the end, you get to see a video on how I did my makeup when wearing glasses.

1. Start with flawless skin

If it comes to makeup, everything starts with a flawless complexion. That also goes for when wearing glasses, so use a fondation or BB Cream with a full coverage and conceal any acne or red spots. I'm more of a BB Cream girl and my favorites are from Missha.

2. Brighten up the under eye area

Glasses tend to darken the eye area, so make sure to cover up those dark circles properly. Use an illuminator after concealing for extra brightness.

3. Stay neutral, less is more

Glasses are great for lazy days!! You can totally skip eyeshadow and just apply some coats of mascara and eyeliner and you are good to go.

4. Don't be afraid of Mascara

Mascara sticking on your glasses?!? UGH, way to go to destroy the look. To avoid this from happening use a smudge- or waterproof mascara. Don't apply any mascara on your lower lashes, since it creates the appearence of dark circles.

Ps. Curl those lashes before applying any mascara, so that they won't hit on your glasses.

5. Do your brows

Brows are such an important part of your face. They can chance your whole appearence. Good shaped brows draw attentions to your eyes and that's what we want when rocking glasses. The best way to bring your brows in shape is by using a brow pencil and for a natural touch finish up with some brow mascara.

6. It's all about those cat eyes

When glasses then cat eyes!! The eyeliner gives your eyes definition. The frames of your glasses decide the size of your cat eye. That means: Thick frames = dramatic cat eyes, thin frames = small cat eyes. Use a gel liner for precise and smudge-free cat eyes.

7. If eyeshadows than bright shimmery shades

If you decide to wear a bit more makeup than go for light shades and stay away from the dark shadows. Use on your lower lashline highlighting shades to make your eyes pop.

8. Caution: The glasses can change the shape of your eyes

Depending on the types of lenses of your glasses, your eyes might change it's shape. Some glasses make your eyes appear bigger, in that case use eyeliner to outline your eyes this makes your eyes instantly appear smaller. If the opposite happens and your eyes become smaller use bright shades and highlighter.

9. Go bold with the lips

Since your eyes are very neutral and partially hidden by your glasses, you can go pretty bold with the lips. If it's hot pink or red it doesn't matter. The bolder the better. Since there is already a lot of shimmer in your eyes use a matte colour for a classy look.
It also depends on the shade of your frames. The thicker the frame the darker you can go with the lip color.

10. Don't skip Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter.

Just because you wear glasses doesn't mean you can skip these steps. You still want your face to have a nice shape and colour, right? So apply some pink on the apples of your cheek and add some summer glow all over your face.

Makeup for Glasses Tutorial

You don't have to follow all the steps, but if you follow some of them you surely will rock the nerdy style!!
Have fun with experimenting and as promised here is the video =) Enjoy and subscribe to my channel for more makeup tutorials!! =)

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