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Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014

8 Beauty-Tips for surviving this Winter

The change of season means also that your skincare and haircare needs a changement.
The air becomes drier and your body needs more moisture.

It's never too early to start with the change in treatments. The earlier you change the easier it gets for your skin to adjust to the change of climate.
Here are some important tips that I want to share with you guys.

Moisturize your lips

It doesn't take too much for the lips to dry out. The lips are a really sensitive part of your face, they dry out quickly. Therefore it is important to moisturize them regularly. I always carry with me lip balm. My favorite lipbalm is from Maybelline the baby lips asian version. But I also use others like Thebodyshop, Labello or Shiseido. Use whatever works best for you.

Use a hand cream

Not only during Winter but also during the entire year we should be using a moisturizing hand cream.
The reason for using hand cream is that the hands and feet are sensitive parts of the body, they show quickly signs of aging.
One of my favorite hand cream is from thebodyshop and it's the cherry blossom hand cream. It absorbs quickly into skin and leaves a really nice scent behind. Which is really important because I won't use any products that leaves stickiness behind.

Keep your face moisturized

For those like me that have already dry skin during the year, should be really careful during the cold season. Moisturizing the skin is always important, but in winter we should pay even more attention to it. For me, I changed products and am using daily a sleeping pack to get some extra moisture. I try to wear once a week a mask. Use products that contain olive oil, since it's a natural moisturizer.

Bring back shine and moisture to your hair

Constant coloring or the long days under the Summer sun, left its mark on your hair. Winter is the perfect season to restore your damaged hair.
Use hair masks for ultimate moisture. Don't just apply a hair mask while showering and rinse it off after a couple of minutes. Instead take your time and leave the mask on for about 30 minutes on.
If you color your hair give them a break to restore its moisture. You will see it doesn't take too long for them to get back to its natural shine.
Use argan oil or macadamia oil as well. They are both moisturizing and make your hair look shiny. 

Moisturize your feet

We tend to forget about our feet easily, but they do need attention as well. The feet are like our hands, they easily get dry. Use daily a feet moisturizer to keep them moisturized and soft. It doesn't take too much for it! Just apply a cream every time you finish showering.

Apply lotion on your body

If you are not using usually a body lotion then now it's the time to start. I like to use body lotions that have a scent to it, so it's a double win. My body gets moisture and smells nice as well.
I really love the body shop lotions. They offer a big choice and they leave my skin moisturized.

Consider your environment

If you live in a country where you need heaters, consider buying a room humidifier. If you don't want to spent the money on it, then just place a container with water close to the heater and remember to fill it with water every now and then. This helps keeping the air humid.
Open your window frequently so that fresh air gets inside your house.

Healthy diet to a healthy skin

This goes for all the year. It doesn't really has anything to do with Winter. Eat healthy and your skin will look healty as well. Don't forget your vitamins, like Vitamin C, Vitamin A or Fish Oils (Omega 3).
Drink a lot of water. Water helps your body to remain hydrated. Make sure to drink even more during the cold season since your body gets dry quicker.


  1. wah~ I see lots of items that I love especially from The Body Shop and Laneige!! :)
    I have to agree with you! Hydration is indeed important especially in this critical weather!
    Loving posts like this! Keep it up, dear!
    Mira |

    1. I'm so glad that you liked it Mira!! =) I am planning in doing more of these posts in the future =)
      Thank you so much for reading =)