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Freitag, 17. Oktober 2014

Nailproducts from kiki&lala

How cute is this?!? Found in my local AEON in Kita-Toda these super kawaii nail-care products!! It looks so dreamland like!! Don't you agree with me?!? :) 

Kiki&lala is a label from Sanrio where Hello Kitty is from too. It's typical characteristic is all those pastel colors, makes it appear so dreamy-like.
Like Hello Kitty also this label offers everything. From school supplies to beauty products. It covers a lot for a really small price. They sell Kiki&lala products at the 100 Yen shop.

I found this product in a beauty store at AEON. Beside nail polishes in really cute pastel colors, there is also nail files and really cute nail-stickers.
The products were also very affordable, each product was around 500¥. 


  1. Ohh I love The Little Twin Stars~ ^ ^
    This nail product line looks very cute and dreamy! ^ - ^