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Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

My Favorite Fashion Stores In Tokyo

By now I have lived in Tokyo for almost 1 1/2 year and beside the usual international clothing stores like H&M, F21 and Zara, I discovered some pretty awesome japanese stores as well. Most of them are all situated in Harajuku. Unfortunately all of these stores don't seem to ship internationally... :( I'm doomed.. ='(

1. Wego

This store is situated in Harajuku-Takeshitadori. There are about three stores there.. not sure why xD That store has literally the best fashion ever!! All the cool Tokyo fashion is offered there and it's really good quality as well.They offer a lot of accessory and bags. They always have the latest trends and change really quickly as well. It's always so much fun going through all those awesome clothes. They are so unique and eye-catching!
If there would be only one store from where I could shop from it would be WEGO!!
Unfortunately I have not found an online store that ships internationally.... Life ain't fair... =( Guess we have to do as many shopping trips to Tokyo as possible. :P

They have a facebook page where they show always their latest trends: It's a torture for me xD
There is also an App!! :O and a website

2. Snoberry

This store is also located in Harajuku-takeshitadori. (Yeah I'm a regular there :P) This store offers a lot of cool things for a small price. Compared to other stores in Takeshitadori, it's really affordable. The quality of the products is good as well. Once there was a fabric mistake on something that I purchased and they changed it immediately with a new one.
Sometimes when I see something in another store that was a little bit more on the expensive side, I could find the almost same piece in Snoberry for less.
This store reminds me of a chinese store in Italy. Not sure if that explanation even helps you. xD

I tried to look it up on the internet but the only snoberry that I found was iced tea... I don't think that's the right thing. :D

3. Feminine cafe

It's not a clothing store but a shoe store. Important as well. In Tokyo you can find shoes everywhere. Japan is a shoe-paradise, especially heels. You can find all kinds of heels. They have in every kind of shoes hidden heels as well. All the crazy stuff, they have it.
There might be one problem though. You might come across the problem of not finding your right size. If you observe correctly you will notice that a lot of girls walk around with too big shoes.. They are not to blame then it's really hard to find the right size, since mostly they only offer sizes from S to L... 
Lucky me, M works most of the time. Still I'm used to numbers.. (I'm EU38).. A lot of numbers.. So it's hard to understand why they only have 4 different sizes.

Now let's talk about this store. My favourite shoes store. It has the most beautiful shoes. Not only heels but also flat shoes. They always have the latest trends and change really often.

They have a website: and also a online shop. But as most of the shops it's only national... =(

4. Good Day House

This store is also in Harajuku-Takeshitadori. This store belongs to the more expensive side, but the quality is remarkable I usually always look around the street before I buy something from there.
In there I found school uniform dupes. Not the cheap quality uniforms, but those who look like the real thing.

In general they have a lot of unique and cute clothes. There is always something special there.

I found their website: but for some reason the clothes shown there are not close as awesome as they are in the store.

5. Tutu Anna

This is also not really a clothing store, but it's by far my favorite footwear store . They have several stores around Tokyo and one also in Harajuku-Takeshitadori. I alway buy there my tights, because they offer the best quality and have the biggest collection. They have all kinds of tights and socks. Usually they have a "3 pairs for 1000 Yen" offer.
If it comes to leggins you are better off looking for them in F21, since japanese girls usually don't wear leggins that often.

They have a website and also a online shop


  1. My favourite fashion store in Japan is Liz Liza~ ^ u ^
    I love Tutu Anna for cute socks and tights too! ^ v ^

    1. yeah Lizliza is super popular =) but it's not really my style :P