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Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

My Favorite Fall Blush: Canmake Cream Cheek CL07 Ruby Cherry Review


Canmake is by far my favorite japanese make-up brand. Click here to find out why.
In Fall 2014 they released a new cream blush shade. It's really rare to find dark blush shades in Japan, because most of the time girls use pinky or peachy colours.
Especially for Fall I was on a hunt for a darker shade and was really happy to find this one.

Product description

Canmake offers 8 different shades of these cream cheeks. Most of the colours are pinky or peachy. The shade of this cream was inspired by cherries. It's a red with a dark undertone. Beside this cherry red there is also another red with a warm undertone. It's called hot red.
You can use these cream products also as lipbalms.
These cream cheek blushes were voted No.1 bestsellers for cheek products by Cosme Cosmetics.

A big plus about Canmake is that the products are really affordable. They only cost 580 Yen each.


All of Canmakes products look always really cute. So does this cream cheek too. The packaging looks like a crystal. At some point it also looks there is a sun on the packaging. At the opening there is a little bow. On top of the cover there is the name of the product surrounded by a heart. On the bottom of the packaging there are the details shown.

How it works

The application is really simple. I usually never use cream blush, because it doesn't blend in well with the rest of the makeup and just makes everything look really flaky. This blush instead really impressed me. I could easily apply this with my bare fingers and it blended in perfectly without leaving any weird traces. The shades are also bildable. For a more natural look use less product and if you want your cheeks to pop, build up a second layer.

Rate 5/5

Well I wouldn't call it my favorite blush if I wouldn't give it full points, right? One of the reasons why this blush gets full points is because the colour is just beautiful. The other reason is that application is just so easy.


  1. Ohh this is such a bold and bright shade of red! ^ ___ ^