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Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014

CANMAKE Tokyo: My Favorite Japanese Cosmetic Brand

I can't believe it took me so long to actually try Canmake!! This japanese brand offers everything that you actually need. It has for everything the right product. It also has seasonal special product such as Halloween themed products and every here and then they release seasonal matching products. (It's currently fall and there are new darker cheek products out.)

When in Japan then CANMAKE!!

Canmake belongs to one of the cheap cosmetics-brands in Japan. A lot of products are around the 500 Yen section. I usually judge products by the price and didn't make any good experience with cheap products. Usually the product is just trash or the packaging is just super inconvenient. 
With Canmake it was different, the quality of this brand is just eccellent and it comes with such a large choice on products. I literally found even eyeprimer, which I've never seen before in a japanese drugstore. (guess I'm not looking deeply enough) Oh and my latest discovery was a nose contouring set. Awesome right? =)

Where is it sold?

In Japan you can find it everywhere, in every beautystore. Such as Matsumoto Kiyoshi or in a AEON Mall. Unfortunately I've never seen Canmake in any other country than Japan. Online you can find it on, but the price is quite more expensive than in the stores here in Japan.

Awww What am I going to do without Canmake?!? Girls give Canmake a try you will fall in love with it. =) Just the product's cuteness is irresistable... look at all these cute nail polish colors ;)

Let me know what experiences you made with Canmake and which is your favorite product? I really love their concealer. The coverage is really good and long-lasting.


  1. definitely my favourite brand too :)

  2. I havent tried any canmake products because they are so hard to get if you're living out side of Japan I think :(
    But I am so curious to try !

    1. I know =(( I'm leaving Japan soon and I feel like I have to buy every product from Canmake xD

  3. Canmake is one of my favourite Japanese brands too! ^ w ^