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Sonntag, 7. September 2014

Curél Sebum Care Moisture Gel Review

For a long time I haven't included any sebum products in my skincare routine. This is the first product that I've ever used from Curel. I found it somewhere in my regular drugstore.

Product description

Curél is a brand formulated by the japanese brand Kao. It is Japan's Nr. 1 brand for sensitive ASIAN skin. It offers products for Face, Hair and Body. Since my skin is sensitive and acne-prone, I decided to try this moisture gel.
It regulates oil and reduces acne appearences. Strenghten skin by hydrating and moisturizing the skin. The gel texture penetrates fast into skin leaving it matt and hydrated.

All the products are:

  • alcohol-free
  • hypoallergic
  • fragrance-free
  • colorant-free
  • clinically tested on asian skin
  • pH balanced


It comes in a transparent plastic bottle. As a good point it has a pump. It comes with a cap to protect the pump from dirt and dust.

The bottle contains 120ml

How it works

I apply it morning and evening after applying lotion. I wait till it has absorbed completely into skin before applying moisturizer.

Rate 3/5

It's true that since I started to use this product my skin has stopped breaking out, I still have here and there some pimples breaking though. I never had any irritations or redness while using this product. As for its moisturizing properties I never really had the feeling that my skin has become more moisturized than before and my skin belongs to the dry side.

All in one it definitely works for sensitive skin. It might also be that it doesn't work at its best because I have european skin and this product claims to work for asian skin.

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