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Montag, 1. September 2014

Backpacks in Harajuku

For my trip to Hokkaido I needed a backpack and since I didn't want to spend too much money on it I went to look for it on the famous Takeshitadori in Harajuku.
Literally every store had backpacks. I quite of had a hard time in finding one. I found sooo many cute backpacks that I feel like sharing them with you guys. =))

Here it comes!!

This backpack is for all ya Sailormoon fans out there!!! Found it in a store called WEGO (is one of my favs stores)

Same store as before... This bagpacks are just super stylish and beautiful!! They belong to the smaller sizes tho.

Unicorns!!! All over the backpack!! I almost got this one but it was a little to small for me.

I was about to get this one aswell but the quality seems a little to shady.

It seems that NY backpacks are a huge hit lately. I've seen them everywhere.

KAWAIIIIIII!!!!!! This has become my absolute favorite!!! An owl backpack!! Too bad that it was quite expensive... =(

EWWWWWW... Lion-head backpack xD LOL

In the end I decided to go for this one.. just because the quality seems pretty good and it was inexpensive.

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