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Sonntag, 10. August 2014

Empties #5

I'm back with a few new empties. This time I surely used up a couple of Etude House products....

Etude House Shea Butter Nutrifull Sleeping Pack

Rate: 3/5

If I remember well I received this product as a gift when I purchased some things at the Etude House store in Tokyo. I applied this product as the last step during my night time routine. It has a really thick consistency and feels really moisturizing. It worked well for my skin, I never broke out nor did I have other side-effects. The only thing that was bothering me was that the consistency was a little bit too thick. I prefer creams that absorb into skin quickly and don't leave such a thick layer on the skin. True, true it's a sleeping pack and it has to be a layer on the skin, but I used already thinner cream than this one.

Etude House Blackhead Heating Deep Clean Gel

Rate: 2/5

I literally purchased this product because I was curious on how the heating effect would feel like. Honestly I don't like this heating effect at all. It really irritates me a lot. Beside of that the product was ok. My pores were also really clean and blackhead-free. It also last for quite some time. I usually used it 2 times a week. For the packaging, I quite had some problems to get the product out of the tube. The hole was to small at first so I had to cut a little bit to make it bigger.

Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil

Rate: 4/5

For a really long time I used brow pencils now I switched to powder. I really liked this brow pencil because it's really pigmented and it fits with my brow color a lot. I only lined my brows and then smudged it out. This was enough to fill in my brows. It tends to look not as natural when I used it all over my brows. The only downside about this product is that it's not long-lasting at all.

Bourjois CC Eye Cream Concealer

Rate: 2/5

This concealer totally got my attention because of it's name. CC Eye concealer. Never used that before. Beside the name there was nothing really special about it. It has normal to good coverage. Unfortunately it didn't last very long.

Kracie Naive Natural Deep Cleansing

Rate: 4/5

Olive Oil is a great product for the skin. I couldn't resist this product and had to give it a try. It removes any kind of makeup, even eye makeup. It doesn't irritate at all. The only thing is that if some product goes into your eyes it stays on your eye like a second layer and makes everything look blurry. Even though it goes away after some minutes.

Topvalu Deodorant Spray Fruity/Floral scent

Rate: 5/5

This is kind of random but it get sometimes really hard to find a good deo. Beside having a really nice scent, this deo worked really well in preventing my skin from sweating. It feels really light and there are no white stains on the clothes.

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner Total Pore Solution 7 in 1

Rate: 3/5

This product lasted me for such a long time. Love the packaging. It was really convenient to use. A great product if you have problems with your pores. By using this product I couldnt't really see any obvious results, that's why I didn't purchase it again.

Missha The first Treatment Essence

Rate: 5/5

One of my absolute favorite products. Although since finishing the bottle I've been living without it. This product made miracles come true. My skin has improved in so many ways. It is a great product for skin that has been fighting against acne, scars, redness and irritation. It improves skin step by step to give it back a lovely complexion. This product is definitely in my Top 5 skin care products.

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