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Samstag, 21. Juni 2014

Shiseido Fullmake Base Review

Shiseido is the first beauty-concern to launch a base which also becomes a cleanser at the end of the day.
I was really excited when I saw this product all over the beauty stores in Tokyo. I had to get one no matter what. Apparently it came out already in 2012, but I just discovered it recently..

What it claimes for:

The worlds first launch with this makeup base. All you need is warm water to remove makeup on it. Apply in the morning. Stay beautiful throughout the day. Wash off with warm water at night. Makeup base, cleansing: Both!!

Wonderful isn't it!! I literally purchased it because of this.

Product description

This product is a face primer. You use it before your fondation. It's a cream type primer which also serves as a cleanser. It helps the fondation last longer and even out the skin to deliver a flawless finish. It contains brightening powder and smoothing powder.
The product smells like glue!! Yet you don't smell it when applied.
It protects the skin from drying out, therefore it contains hyaluronic acid for moisture. Usually cream primers are always more hydrating, than the gel textured primer.


The packaging is pretty simple. It looks quite boring. It's a squeezing type of packaging. The hole is quite small so it's easy to control the amount of product to squeeze out.

35 gr.

Price: around 1000 Yen (7.2 Eur)

How it works

Apply in the morning.
Stay beautiful throughout the day.
Wash off with warm water at night.

I usually wear my makeup for about 10 hours a day and throughout the day I only remove excess oil on my face. For this reason it's important to me to find a product that keeps my makeup in place the entire day.
I apply this primer after my skincare routine and before my fondation. It keeps my fondation in place for the entire day. I can't say that my face remains oil-free the entire day, but it definitely surpresses a lot of oiliness. I might have to mention that I'm in Japan and we have really humid wether so partially my face turns a little bit shiny because I'm sweating throughout the day.

Unfortunately the part about cleansing doesn't work on my skin. I tried to wash it off several times but my makeup didn't come off completely. It does remove a little bit, but definitely not all the makeup. Then again on Shiseido's official site they mentioned that waterproof makeup, eyeliner and fondation might not come off completely. That's why they suggest to use in case it doesn't come off a specialised makeup remover, which makes the purpose of this product completely useless... Am I the only one thinking that?

Rate: 3/5

As a primer it works perfecty well, but it doesn't fulfill completely what it claims for. What I get out of this product is that it probably works the best for non-heavy makeup wearing girls.

Personal opinion

A product that simplified the cleansing part at the end of the day, sounds like a perfect product. Hopefully they will improve the quality and bring out something that actually works for all kind of products.
All in one I like it as a primer. I really like the texture, it makes my skin feel more hydrated.
Overall my fondation stays in place the entire day without looking cakey. I would repurchase it because it does a great job in priming and it comes for an affordable price.

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