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Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Ootd: Shibuya Fashion?!? o.O

It's officially Summer here in Japan and we also have the rain season (梅雨). After a week of non-stop rain we finally saw the sun again.

On Saturday night I went with some friends for dinner (焼肉, japanese barbecue). I didn't feel like dressing up too much, so I went for shorts and a loose crop top. (Both from F21) I also brought with me a coat in case it gets a little bit fresh towards the night. I purchased it in a store in Lumine Est Shinjuku. (I forgot the store's name). My army boots were from the same store.
For my accessories I went for some studded bracelets from F21 and for a headband that I purchased in a festival in Den-En-chofu near Tokyo.
I think this headband gives my entire outfit some personality.

My japanese friends told me that my look was really similar to the Shibuya fashion aka Shibuya Gyaru fashion. Apparently that hair accessory is really popular among gyarus.

Wha do you guys think about those headbands? I personally looove them!! :)

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