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Sonntag, 11. Mai 2014

Empties #4

For some reason I really like finishing products!! It gives me a reason to buy new things... xD
I like reviewing my empties especially when I replaced them with a new product and come to realise how they actually worked.

Skin mal gam smoother

Rate: 1/5

Here is another sample packaging of the skin mal gam collective packaging. This product is meant to make the skin smoother.
There was nothing that really impressed me about this product. It didn't seem to have many results on my skin. There was nothing that was bad about it, but I didn't feel that it was improving my skin.
It might be because I only used it for about 2 weeks. It probably takes longer for the product to have effect.

Candy Doll Concealer

Rate 3/5

I'm not a fan of these types of concealer. It's impossible to finish this product properly. For me I like to cut open the packaging to get the rest out, but doesn't work with this packagings. The plastic is too hard for it. There is probably a ton of product in that packaging, but I'm just not able to get it out of there. This packagings make you loose so much product!!!
If it wouldn't be for the packaging I would really love this concealer.

Etude Houe Dual Show Volume Mascara

Rate 4/5

It didn't took long for the lower lash side to dry out. Probably a few weeks after I purchased it. The upper lash side though lasted me for quite some time. It was a great mascara. I could use the upper lash side also for the lower lashes. It gave my lashes a lot of volume. It really belongs to one of my favorite mascaras! -Full Review Here!

Revlon Photoready Concealer

Rate 5/5

One of my favorite concealer. It has a great coverage and the product lasted me for quite some time.
+ Little advise when the stick is finished use a Q-tip to get the rest of the product out. There is actually quite a lot still in there!!

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Rate 5/5

This product was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!! It's a primer that you use before applying your makeup. A little goes a long way. It lasted me for over 6 months.
My skin remained oil-free throughout the entire day and it didn't make my makeup look cakey.
This product comes really close to Benefits Porefessional. I would even say it's the perfect dupe for it.

Revlon Colorstay Powder

Rate: 5/5

I applied this product after applying fondation and concealer. It kept my makeup in place. My skin remained oil-free and cakey-free throughout the entire day. It didn't make me break-out at all.

Liese Hair Cocktail

Rate: 4/5

This is already my second bottle that I used up. I really like the scent of this product. I usually took a small amount on my hands and massaged it throughout my dry hair or right after showering on towel dry hair, concentrating on the tips.
My hair felt more moisturize using this product, even thought I have to admit that I found products that are better than this one!

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