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Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

Diary of a shopaholic: new Converse

I'm a huuuuuuge sucker for converse!! I probably have over 50 pairs in all different colors and styles. For me the most comfortable shoes to walkin in.

Of course I couldn't ignore such an unique and incredible pair of ankle boots with heels. YES, with heels you read right!! ;)
I had to include them in my collection.
Never have I ever thought that they actually exist, the more you can imagine my excitement when I saw them in Asbee!!

There were 4 different colors available. Navy blue, pink, yellow and beige. I decided for navy blue because it's a color that matches with everything.
I was worried that I would get tired of the other colors.

The heel is not too high. It's feels really comfortable to walk in.

The heel gives them a touch of feminity, but they still remain cool looking shoes by keeping their usual look.

Not sure what the exact name of these converse are, but on the packaging they call them "Chucks Sisters All Star Heel Hi".

Talking about the store, I purchased them in Asbee in Aeon, Kita-Toda Saitama, Japan.
I tried to find a website where they sell them online, but couldn't find any.... If you guys know any good links feel free to share them with me. =)

What do you think about these converse? Yes or no?

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