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Donnerstag, 1. Mai 2014

Diary of a Shopaholic: Dress from Tokyo

Last year in Japan I purchased a really pretty dress. I really liked the cut, but from the really beginning I was unsecure about the length of it. On my opinion it is way too short. I anyways purchased it and as I feared I never wore it.

What do you guys think? Is that a proper length for a dress? Am I the one exaggerating? I'm aware that I belong to the taller section and for most of the girls this dress would be a little bit longer, but still....

Last Christmas we had a family event and I decided to give this dress a try. I wore this dress with some black tights. While I was getting ready my mom suddenly asked me what I wear underneath it. She didn't get that it was a dress.
After her reaction I knew that It wouldn't be good to wear it. I was about to look for another outfit, when I suddenly thought, instead of wearing tights to try on some leggings.

Muuuuuuch better like this!!! I really like this combination!!

*For those who are curious, my leggings are from Calzedonia. My favorite place to buy leggings.

Do you like the result?? =)

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