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Sonntag, 13. April 2014

My purchase on

I decided to make myself a little present and bought me a Micheal Kors bag!!! =)

I found this website on Pinterest while I was going through different pages. I'm a pinterester!! I love scrolling throught there..... If you haven't followed me yet than go do it now!!! @jamilaxaj

I barely couldn't believe the prices that were shown on this website. The bags are such bargains!!

My order

The moment you order something from there you automatically receive an account for this website.

I ordered it on a Sunday afternoon. The payment was with creditcard. At the same day of my order I receive the payment confirmation.
Be careful!! One of the website's mail landed in my spam box!!!

After the confirmation I haven't heard anything from them. Also online nothing was shown. I was planning on writing them a mail, but then suddenly on Sunday, a week after my order, I received the parcel.


I was SHOCK at the appearence of the parcel!!!

How is it possible that it arrived that miserably?!? I actually wrote the website a notice mail about the parcels condition.

On their website was written that if the parcel comes in a bad condition, we should control the inside before signing it. Fact was that the mail man put the parcel in the mailbox...

Inside of the parcel the bag was covered with a plastic wrap...

.... and in a fabric bag.

This is how the bag looked like at the beginning.
I immediately looked for any kind of damage. I actually found glue traces on the back of the bag. Luckily I was able to remove it with a little bit of water. Everything else seemed to be ok.

With the bag I also receive the original statements.

In the end this is how the bag looked like. After all it was in a good condition.

My thoughts about this website

If it wouldn't be for the shape of the parcel I would totally be sattisfied with the website, but the fact that the parcel came in such a bad shape is a really big disappointment. I hope they look better on that matter when shipping.
I would order there again just because it's so unexpensive and in case the bag would be damaged, I would immediately contact them about it.

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