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Sonntag, 2. März 2014

New haircut and Purple-pink haircolor

My last hairstyle was really starting to bother me, so I decided to finally get a new haircut.
They where longer on the back than on the front. Beside that the haircolor has grown out a lot too. It actually wasn't really bothering me because it had an ombre effect and I really liked the color. In the end I was a little bit sad until the moment I saw my new color. xD

saying bye to my old hairstyle...

Finally I went to my usual hair salon in Shibuya. Since the first time I came to Japan I always went to that same hair salon. --> The name of the hair salon is Excel, it's placed in Shibuya 109. Click here to know more about it.

with my lovely hairstylist =)

The last 3 times I had the same hairstylist that did my hair, but this time I got a new one. Let me tell you one thing: they are all super friendly and pros!!

new cut!!

For the cut I was only aiming for: front longer than back!! I asked them to go for a short bob kinda thing. My hair are still a little bit too short for that though. I was actually kind of worried for the result, but he did more than just an amazing job!! Super happy!!

The day I went to the hair salon I knew exactly what color I wanted. I was totally aiming for purple-pink.

I showed them the pictures of how I wanted the color to be. They told me that the color is temporary and without bleaching my hair it would be kind of difficult to get the color like that.

They still found a way to get to a similar color by coloring my hair without bleaching them. Instead of bleaching they colored my hair twice with a purple-pink color. Since japanese hair color is not that strong, it's not too damaging for my hair.

Ups what did I doooo?!? For a second I was thinking that I went crazy!!!! xD
Can u see the pink?!?

I got my inspirations from Pinterest. I was not sure on what color to decide until I found that picture with purple hair and realised how pretty the color looks.

Almost done......

Tadaaaaaaaaa!!!! I looooove looooooooove loooooooooooove the outcome!!! Couldn't be better!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your new hair colour! I don't know how I missed this salon when I went to 109! I can't wait to go back to Japan ^_^

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. Thank you so much!! =) haha well it's in the last floor so probably you missed it like that =) I can't remember how I found it actually :D

  2. Love your new hair color! Oh, so I noticed you're wearing a cross ^_^

  3. I see you went for a low-maintenance hairdo. It actually looks good on you! I love that it gives you a more elegant look. You look a bit like Kate Winslet on the last two pictures.

    Susie Lauri

    1. Thank you so much that's a really nice compliment =))