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Dienstag, 18. März 2014

Loreal Shine Caresse #702 Juliette Review

Recently I've been applying many different red lip products on my lips. I've never been the type to use red on my lips, but with the time passing by I really started to like it a lot.

Product description

This lip product comes in a glossy form. It has a creamy consistency but the pigmentation of a lipstick.
It doesn't have the nicest smell, but for some reason you can only smell it if you hold it to your nose, otherwise you would never realise that there is a scent to the product.


The packaging looks really cute. The outside is in a rose-gold color. Right at the beginning of the lid you can see the color of the product.
It comes with a brush applicator. It's easy to apply the product on the lips with it.

How it works

I personally apply all kinds of lipsticks after a lipliner. I have really thin lips especially my upper lips, so lipstick in general is not really long-lasting. This product works really great on my lips. It feels a little bit sticky, but not to the point where it's annoying. It's more a moisturizing stickiness. "Not sure if I'm expressing myself in the right way"
It stays on for about 4 hours. It gives the lips a nice shiny glow. The color is really pigmented too.

How it looks like

Below you see how the color looks like.
On the first picture I haven't applied anything before the actual lip product.

I usually apply a lipliner before the actual lipcolor. Down below you can see how it looks like in that way.

As a result you can probably see that with a lipliner it looks much more pigmented as without it. In the end even without a lipliner the color is really pigmented, maybe in a more natural way.

Personal opinion

I really love this "lipstains". Usually those types of lipproducts are really drying for my lips, but it doesn't happen with this product. It keeps my lips hyrated for about 4 hours. Afterwards you might need to reapply it. The pigmentation of the color is really strong. I usually don't use lipstick in normal school- or working days, but I really like to apply this lip product instead. You don't really need to have a good hand for applying lipstick because this applies so smoothly on it's own. I definitely will purchase more shades from these line.

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