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Dienstag, 4. März 2014

Diary of a Shopaholic: New hat from H&M

I usually don't wear hats. I wear beanies but I don't count them as true hats
As I once tried on a hat from a friend I realised that they actually suit me very well. Since that day I was on a hount for a hat.
My friend told me that lately in H&M they were selling different types of hats.

I went there at the end of February 14 and they really do have a big choice of different kinds of hats.
I was trying on a couple of hats until I found this specific one that totally convinced me.

It was perfect!! For my luck they only had 2 hats left. M size and L size.... I didn't think twice and purchase the M-size immediately.
The price was quite expensive for a hat. It was about 10 EUR. Almost like a clothing piece.

I really like it's size. The round shape makes it a really girly hat. It's wearable with any type of clothes and makes every outfit stand out more. A great fashionable item.