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Dienstag, 18. März 2014

Loreal Shine Caresse #702 Juliette Review

Recently I've been applying many different red lip products on my lips. I've never been the type to use red on my lips, but with the time passing by I really started to like it a lot.

Product description

This lip product comes in a glossy form. It has a creamy consistency but the pigmentation of a lipstick.
It doesn't have the nicest smell, but for some reason you can only smell it if you hold it to your nose, otherwise you would never realise that there is a scent to the product.


The packaging looks really cute. The outside is in a rose-gold color. Right at the beginning of the lid you can see the color of the product.
It comes with a brush applicator. It's easy to apply the product on the lips with it.

How it works

I personally apply all kinds of lipsticks after a lipliner. I have really thin lips especially my upper lips, so lipstick in general is not really long-lasting. This product works really great on my lips. It feels a little bit sticky, but not to the point where it's annoying. It's more a moisturizing stickiness. "Not sure if I'm expressing myself in the right way"
It stays on for about 4 hours. It gives the lips a nice shiny glow. The color is really pigmented too.

How it looks like

Below you see how the color looks like.
On the first picture I haven't applied anything before the actual lip product.

I usually apply a lipliner before the actual lipcolor. Down below you can see how it looks like in that way.

As a result you can probably see that with a lipliner it looks much more pigmented as without it. In the end even without a lipliner the color is really pigmented, maybe in a more natural way.

Personal opinion

I really love this "lipstains". Usually those types of lipproducts are really drying for my lips, but it doesn't happen with this product. It keeps my lips hyrated for about 4 hours. Afterwards you might need to reapply it. The pigmentation of the color is really strong. I usually don't use lipstick in normal school- or working days, but I really like to apply this lip product instead. You don't really need to have a good hand for applying lipstick because this applies so smoothly on it's own. I definitely will purchase more shades from these line.

Sonntag, 9. März 2014

Dolly Wink Volume Mascara #4 Review

Dolly Wink is one of my favorite japanese brands. This brand was created by the famous gyaru Tsubasa Masuwaka.

Product description

This mascara from Dolly Wink promises you voluminous eyelashes. It only has one brush that should work for upper and lower lashes. It comes in the shade black.


The packaging is really cute. It comes with a small brush that fits for the upper and lower lashes. Since the brush is so small it gives you a good definition.

How it works

Just a few coats are enough to make your lashes pop out!! It works amazingly well, almost like a fake lashes effect.
The brush gives a precise definition. You can easily cover up all the lashes, even the smallest one. It doesn't smear, not even on the lower lashes.
My lashes still feel really soft even with the mascara on.
To remove the mascara I would use a good eye makeup remover.

How it looks like

I applied the mascara without using any eyelash curler before. There are also no fake eyelashes involved. All you see it's the magic of this mascara.

nope it's not a lippy review xD without mascara
left side with mascara
with mascara

Personal opinion

I looove loooooove loooooooooove this mascara. I've been using it daily. I love how it also works for the lower lashes.
It's definitely worth it's price!!

Dienstag, 4. März 2014

Diary of a Shopaholic: New hat from H&M

I usually don't wear hats. I wear beanies but I don't count them as true hats
As I once tried on a hat from a friend I realised that they actually suit me very well. Since that day I was on a hount for a hat.
My friend told me that lately in H&M they were selling different types of hats.

I went there at the end of February 14 and they really do have a big choice of different kinds of hats.
I was trying on a couple of hats until I found this specific one that totally convinced me.

It was perfect!! For my luck they only had 2 hats left. M size and L size.... I didn't think twice and purchase the M-size immediately.
The price was quite expensive for a hat. It was about 10 EUR. Almost like a clothing piece.

I really like it's size. The round shape makes it a really girly hat. It's wearable with any type of clothes and makes every outfit stand out more. A great fashionable item.

Sonntag, 2. März 2014

New haircut and Purple-pink haircolor

My last hairstyle was really starting to bother me, so I decided to finally get a new haircut.
They where longer on the back than on the front. Beside that the haircolor has grown out a lot too. It actually wasn't really bothering me because it had an ombre effect and I really liked the color. In the end I was a little bit sad until the moment I saw my new color. xD

saying bye to my old hairstyle...

Finally I went to my usual hair salon in Shibuya. Since the first time I came to Japan I always went to that same hair salon. --> The name of the hair salon is Excel, it's placed in Shibuya 109. Click here to know more about it.

with my lovely hairstylist =)

The last 3 times I had the same hairstylist that did my hair, but this time I got a new one. Let me tell you one thing: they are all super friendly and pros!!

new cut!!

For the cut I was only aiming for: front longer than back!! I asked them to go for a short bob kinda thing. My hair are still a little bit too short for that though. I was actually kind of worried for the result, but he did more than just an amazing job!! Super happy!!

The day I went to the hair salon I knew exactly what color I wanted. I was totally aiming for purple-pink.

I showed them the pictures of how I wanted the color to be. They told me that the color is temporary and without bleaching my hair it would be kind of difficult to get the color like that.

They still found a way to get to a similar color by coloring my hair without bleaching them. Instead of bleaching they colored my hair twice with a purple-pink color. Since japanese hair color is not that strong, it's not too damaging for my hair.

Ups what did I doooo?!? For a second I was thinking that I went crazy!!!! xD
Can u see the pink?!?

I got my inspirations from Pinterest. I was not sure on what color to decide until I found that picture with purple hair and realised how pretty the color looks.

Almost done......

Tadaaaaaaaaa!!!! I looooove looooooooove loooooooooooove the outcome!!! Couldn't be better!!