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Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

Nail Art!! My new obsession

I never was interested in nail art. Before going to Japan I let my nails be done by a professional.
Only when I went to Japan I started to paint my nails on my own. I was never really good at it. Especially I didn't have the patience to wait till the polish was dry.
I usually only applied a color in hope it would be dry before I would start touching other things. 

This weekend I felt the sudden urge to try something new.
What do you think about my first try?!? I'm quite proud of me. =)

How it's done

For this I used all the nail polishes from Etude House's Ice cream collection.

  1. Apply a base coat
  2. Apply step by step the nail polishes, while waiting till each of them is dry before applying a new one
  3. Apply a top coat

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