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Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Maybelline Line'n design Auto Natural Brow Liner Review

If it comes to brow products, I still haven't found the right product that works for me.
I still haven't figured out what type of product works the best for those brows. I used to have powder and then I switched to pencil.
On my opinion brow products are one of the most difficult to find. We want them to look as natural as possible. The brows have a huge impact on our face appearence. Treatening them properly is improtant. It all starts already from tweezing them.

Product description

For the past year I've been using this brow pencil from Maybelline. I purchased this product in a mall in Japan.
I was really sattisfied with the result, there was nothing that actually bothered me.


This product is a 2-sided brow pencil. On one side it has the color and on the other side comes the brush.

How it works

When I did some reseaches on the internet, I found many negative reviews on this product. I was kind of surprised actually because I don't think it's such a horrible product.
It gave my brows a really natural look. It wasn't a really strong color and it came out really lightly. One thing that I realised about it, is that it's not long-lasting. It was easily removeable without any makeup remover.

How it looks like

As you can see it's a really light shade. If you want more dramatic brows, than this product is probably not exactly what you are looking for.

Personal opinion

I've been using it for quite some time and I just recently finished it. So far I never had something to complain about it, it did a great job with my brows.
It is a great product, if you want your brows to look as natural as possible or if you are aiming for a dolly look.
I still decided to try a new brow pencil out. The one that I'm currently using is much more pigmented than this one.

Sonntag, 9. Februar 2014

Nail Art!! My new obsession

I never was interested in nail art. Before going to Japan I let my nails be done by a professional.
Only when I went to Japan I started to paint my nails on my own. I was never really good at it. Especially I didn't have the patience to wait till the polish was dry.
I usually only applied a color in hope it would be dry before I would start touching other things. 

This weekend I felt the sudden urge to try something new.
What do you think about my first try?!? I'm quite proud of me. =)

How it's done

For this I used all the nail polishes from Etude House's Ice cream collection.

  1. Apply a base coat
  2. Apply step by step the nail polishes, while waiting till each of them is dry before applying a new one
  3. Apply a top coat

Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2014

Giorgio Armani Si

I was in Milan when I saw this perfume for the first time in Sephora. When I smelled it at first I was really scaptical, after a few seconds it became a magical scent!!!
Since that day I knew that I needed it in my life!!
It was during the flight back to Japan that I purchased this perfume at the duty-free section in Doha.

It basically replaced my all-time favorite the Armanimania.

I'm really bad in explaining scents, but I wouldn't say it's a sweet or floral scent. It's something else. It's a strong scent, which is impossible to not notice!!
In case you are coming across this perfume, give it a smell! =)

Samstag, 1. Februar 2014

New beauty-products discovered in Japan

I finally went to check out Tokyo's beautystores. On the first sight I found some interesting and awesome catches.

Sailor moon products

This brings childhood memories back!!!
I can't believe that Sailormoon is having their 20th anniversary!! It was my absolute favorite anime. I always wanted to be Sailor Venus or Sailor Mars. Sailor Venus because I loved her long blond hair and her kind personality. Sailor Mars because I loved her shoes and the fact that she lived in a temple and was good in martial art. Her personality had character and I really liked that.

I actually saw those products on Instagram at the end of last year. I didn't think that I would find them because I assumed they would be limited editions.
They offer liquid eyeliner in different colors. I couldn't resist and had to get them.

Maybelline's Color ink Eyeshadows

For us better know as the Color Tattoo eyeshadows.
The last time I was in Japan they didn't sell them. I was very surprised to see them this time. I assumed since japanese girls wear barely eyeshadows, they wouldn't reach Japan at all. 

New Dolly Wink products

Tsubasa Masuwaka's brand Dolly Wink came out with new products. Beside of new eyeshadow-palettes and fake lashes she also came out with a new product.


She came out with highlighting pens for the eyes. They come in 3 different shades and are actually really pigmented.
At first sight they seemed a bit dry, but when I swatched them they looked perfectly fine.

swatches of the highlighter