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Montag, 6. Januar 2014

Kaloderma Olio Indiano / Indian oil Review

My mom gave me this oil, when I had really bad acne. She told me that those containing oils would be good against acne.
Back then I didn't want to use this product, because I was afraid that it would cause me more acne. I didn't know that there are actually oils, that are good for the skin and doesn't cause any acne.
Recently I've been trying to moisturise my skin more than usual, because it's really dry at the moment.

Product description

It is for me the first time, that I am using a product from this brand. I have never heard about it and I don't believe it's that popular.
This brand goes by the saying of "similar heals similar". Which means this oil removes the eccess oil. Sounds kind of weird: Oil against oil... but this is how it works. =)
It's a purifying oil that consists of 3 different oils.


The oil comes in a glass container which has a pump. As you might already know, I love products with pumps! They are super easy to use and hygenic.
When the bottle is empty, you actually can twist it open and reuse it for something else.

How to apply it

After you cleansed your face with a cleansing foam, take this oil and apply it on a cotton pad. Tap it carefully on your face avoiding your eye area.
Take a second cotton pad and reapply oil on it and this time tap it with more pressure, especially on T-zone and the oily areas on your face.
Do this until you don't have any traces of dirt left on your cotton pad.
At the end rinse your face with water.

left: first used cotton pad; right: non used cotton pad with the oil on it.

How it works

This product is a mix of 3 different oils:

  • Almond oil
    • Originally from India. It's rich on Vitamine A and B. It works for any skin type especially for sensitive skin.

  • Rosemary oil
    •  It has a binding action and it purifies and reduces the production of sebum. It's great against impurities and blackheads.

  • Macadamia oil
    • It tonifies the skin.

This product eliminates blackheads and doesn't affect the balance of sebaceous.
Most of the cleanser remove the skin from oil, that results in damaging the skin even more.

Up: skin before using this treatment; down: skin after using this product

My personal opinion

I used to be really scared of applying oil on my face, because I thought oils would make my skin break out even more. I overcame the fear of oils and started using them, especially when my skin turned to the dry side. I've been loving this oil very much. My skin feels hydrated and clean. I have a more even skin texture and my pores look cleaner to me.
Impressive is how even after cleansing my skin twice with other cleanser, my skin has still dirt left somewhere and it will be revealed with this product.

I'm really sad that I finished this product, because I have no idea where my mom actually got it...
I would recommend to everyone this product who is seeking for a more hydrated and cleaner skin.

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