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Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

Etude House Dual Show Volume Mascara Review

Back in Tokyo and reunited with my old things!! :D

I usually always used the mascaras from Maybelline. I am a huge fan of their mascaras and they aren't that expensive.

While I was in Japan I started to try out and descover new mascaras.
It never accured me how well this mascara from Etude House actually worked!

Product description

This is a double-sided mascara. On one side it has a big brush for the upper lashes and on the other it has a small brush for the lower lashes.
This mascara is meant to give your lashes more volume.

for upper lashes
for lower lashes


I think it's funny how the packaging has a form of a bullet.
The two sides are divided with a pink holder where the brushes are fixed. The big brush has a size of a pyramid and the small one is slightly slanted.

How it works

As mentioned before this is a double-sided mascara. You use the smaller brush for the lower eyelashes and the thicker brush for the upper lashes.
I was really disappointed in the smaller brush. Short after I purchased the product the brush dried out.
Luckily the big brush still works and actually pretty well.

As the name says this product should give volume to the lashes and it's actually really impressive on how well it works.
Since the big brush has a pyramid size you can also use it for the lower lashes.
To remove the mascara I would recommend you to use an eyemakeup remover since it's really long-lasting.

How it looks like

Before applying the mascara I didn't curl my lashes. Usually I would do this but as you can see from the picture only the mascara alone lifts my lashes up.

without mascara

left side with mascara

with mascara

Personal opinion

I was really disappointed in the small brush. I really excepted more from it.
The big brush is really promising!! It gives a lot of volume and works also perfectly for the lower lashes. It is the only reason why I would repurchase this mascara again.


  1. Deng, this mascara looks amazing! o__o It gives a huge effect to your lashes, and is so pretty haha. Thank you for the honest review! <3

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    1. haha I had the same reaction :D suuuper surprised at the effect =)
      Thanks for reading!! =)