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Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

Empties #2

Since I put myself on a no-buy and decided to clean out my beauty-section, I'm having so many empties!

Vaseline Essential Moisture Clean Feeling Lotion "pure oat extract"

I got this product a few years ago when I was in London. The scent of this product really got my attention. It was a great moisturizing lotion, which kept my skin moisturized during the entire year also during winter.
I will definitely repurchase it, if I come across this product again. Too bad that we don't have Vaseline-products in our county.

Kaloderma indian oil

My mom got me this product 2 years ago when I had really bad acne. Back then I refused to use it, because I didn't believe that oil could actually heal acne.
During these past few years I became wiser and by now I know that there are oils that don't harm the skin.
This product contains 3 different oils that are really good for the skin: almond oil, macadamia oil and rosemary oil.
During the time I used this product I had less breakouts and my skin was very moisturized.
Unfortunately I have no idea where my mom got this product, but if I would come across it again I would definitely buy it.

Maskhouse hydrating korean herbal mask

I'm a huge fan of sheet masks. I apply them once a week.
I used these masks during the time where I had really dry skin. I felt that this mask was very moisturizing. I could leave the mask on my face for almost an hour and it would still be moisturizing.
Now that I think about it... What's on the packaging? Are those snails or any other weird animal? :O .. or should they represent herbs?!? LOL looks kind of funny if yes. xD

NYX Mosaic Powder MPB 06 Rosey

I accidentally dropped this blush right after I bought it. Since then I was using it as my everyday blush.
I think it is my first blush that I ever finished!! xD It lasted me for almost 2 years.
By using it almost daily I came to realise on how beautiful this blush actually was. It has a really nice pinky color, which gave my face a nice fresh look. It was easy to apply it on my cheeks and well blendable. Evn if by accident to much color came on the cheek, there was still the possibility to blend it out.
It's a great blush for those who wants rosey cheeks.

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