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Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014

8 Beauty-Tips for surviving this Winter

The change of season means also that your skincare and haircare needs a changement.
The air becomes drier and your body needs more moisture.

It's never too early to start with the change in treatments. The earlier you change the easier it gets for your skin to adjust to the change of climate.
Here are some important tips that I want to share with you guys.

Moisturize your lips

It doesn't take too much for the lips to dry out. The lips are a really sensitive part of your face, they dry out quickly. Therefore it is important to moisturize them regularly. I always carry with me lip balm. My favorite lipbalm is from Maybelline the baby lips asian version. But I also use others like Thebodyshop, Labello or Shiseido. Use whatever works best for you.

Use a hand cream

Not only during Winter but also during the entire year we should be using a moisturizing hand cream.
The reason for using hand cream is that the hands and feet are sensitive parts of the body, they show quickly signs of aging.
One of my favorite hand cream is from thebodyshop and it's the cherry blossom hand cream. It absorbs quickly into skin and leaves a really nice scent behind. Which is really important because I won't use any products that leaves stickiness behind.

Keep your face moisturized

For those like me that have already dry skin during the year, should be really careful during the cold season. Moisturizing the skin is always important, but in winter we should pay even more attention to it. For me, I changed products and am using daily a sleeping pack to get some extra moisture. I try to wear once a week a mask. Use products that contain olive oil, since it's a natural moisturizer.

Bring back shine and moisture to your hair

Constant coloring or the long days under the Summer sun, left its mark on your hair. Winter is the perfect season to restore your damaged hair.
Use hair masks for ultimate moisture. Don't just apply a hair mask while showering and rinse it off after a couple of minutes. Instead take your time and leave the mask on for about 30 minutes on.
If you color your hair give them a break to restore its moisture. You will see it doesn't take too long for them to get back to its natural shine.
Use argan oil or macadamia oil as well. They are both moisturizing and make your hair look shiny. 

Moisturize your feet

We tend to forget about our feet easily, but they do need attention as well. The feet are like our hands, they easily get dry. Use daily a feet moisturizer to keep them moisturized and soft. It doesn't take too much for it! Just apply a cream every time you finish showering.

Apply lotion on your body

If you are not using usually a body lotion then now it's the time to start. I like to use body lotions that have a scent to it, so it's a double win. My body gets moisture and smells nice as well.
I really love the body shop lotions. They offer a big choice and they leave my skin moisturized.

Consider your environment

If you live in a country where you need heaters, consider buying a room humidifier. If you don't want to spent the money on it, then just place a container with water close to the heater and remember to fill it with water every now and then. This helps keeping the air humid.
Open your window frequently so that fresh air gets inside your house.

Healthy diet to a healthy skin

This goes for all the year. It doesn't really has anything to do with Winter. Eat healthy and your skin will look healty as well. Don't forget your vitamins, like Vitamin C, Vitamin A or Fish Oils (Omega 3).
Drink a lot of water. Water helps your body to remain hydrated. Make sure to drink even more during the cold season since your body gets dry quicker.

Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014

Empties #6

Hadalabo Hyaruronic Acid Lotion

Rate: 5/5

I love japanese lotion. They are perfect for sensitive skin and super moisturizing. My skin feels always really hydrated and soft after using this product. I never had any side effects while using this product. It has a quite thick consistency but absorbs quickly into skin. Hadalabo is also really affordable.

Imyu Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

Rate: 5/5

In Summer 2014 this product was a huge trend. They offered it everywhere. It's a really lightweight composition and absorbs immediately into skin. I've never had any side effects and my skin felt always really smooth and soft while using it. The bottle lasts for a really long time and it comes for a really good price.

Herbal Essences Touchable Moisture

Rate: 4/5

I really like to apply hair cream to my hair after showering or after waking up. I really love Herbal Essences because their products always smell soo good!! Also this hair product has a really nice scent. It doesn't leave my hair oily or dirty looking. I bought it because my hair was really dry, so I needed something to moisturize my hair. Unfortunately I couldn't see any difference while using this product.

Bioderma Atoderm Nourishing Cream

Rate: 4/5

I bought this product specificly because my skin was really dry lately. This cream is really thick and creates a layer over you skin. It is a good moisturizer but I would only recommend to use it in the evening before going to bed. If you use this product during the day it may makes your skin look really oily. I still never had any breakout while using this cream.

Lepaze Hot esthe Gel


This is a gel scrub that gets warm when in contact with the skin. I'm not really a big fan of this methode of exfoliation... It irritates me when it gets warm on my skin. I never had a feeling that my pore changed drastically after using this product.

Essential Hair Serum

Rate: 3/5

This serum has a oily consistency but it doesn't make your hair look oily. I had this product for the same reason as I had the hair cream. I needed something to moisturize my hair. Even with this product there was no big change in my hair appearence. It was not a really long lasting product eighter.

Curel Sebum Trouble Care Moisture Gel

Rate: 4/5

Curel is a really famous japanese skin care line for sensitive skin. This product is especially made for troubled/acne-prone skin. It's a really lightweight fluid and absorbs immediately into skin. I could see how I had less breakouts after using this product.

Alonism Age Control Eye Serum

Rate: 3/5

First of all, I hate that packaging!! It took me forever to get out the last drop of product and maybe it wasn't the last drop. As for the product it was a good eye serum. It absorbed really quickly into the skin.

Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer

Rate: 5/5

This was only a sample packaging but I really like this primer. It's a cream based product and it really made my skin brighter.

Etude House Precious Mineral Cushion

Rate: 4/5

I had this Cushion Fondation for almost 1 year. It had a light to medium coverage and the application was really easy. It never made my skin look oily during the day, even during Summer. For those who need more coverage this product might not be as good.

Koji Dollywink Volume Mascara

Rate: 5/5

This mascara is one of my absolute favorite mascaras ever! It gives my lashes so much volume and it lasts the entire day. The application is really easy and since the brush is small you can easily apply mascara also on the lower lashes.

Montag, 17. November 2014

Kose Softymo Super Point Makeup Remover Review

I love checking out products that have been awarded by cosme cosmetics. This time I came across a makeup remover.
For a long time I've been using cleansing oils to remove makeup and at some point I decided to look for something new.

Product description

This makeup remover removes all kind of makeup, even waterproof mascara. It also contains eyelash protecting ingredients and moisture protection. The fluid is similar to tear drops, it doesn't irritate the eyes. It's fragrance- and colorfree.


The product comes inside a really cute pink bottle. It contains 230ml product.

How it works

Apply the fluid on a cotton pad and wipe it gently over face and eye area. To remove your eyeliner and mascara use a q-tip and dive it inside the makeup remover and just wipe them off.

Rate 5/5

I've been already at my second bottle. I just love the texture and how soft it feels on my skin. It doesn't burn around the eye area and removes completely all the makeup from my face.

With one swipe the entire eyeshadow and almost all the eyeliner is gone.

Dienstag, 11. November 2014

Imyu Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner Review

Don't we just love bestsellers?!? I do!! I always need to test them. This year a japanese skin conditioner belonged to the most popular products on the japanese beauty market.

Product description

This lotion contains natural ingredients such as a seed called coix. It keeps the skin moisturized and smooth. It can be used for face and body. It also calms the skin from redness or sunburn. It's fragrance- and colorantfree.

It contains alcohol and paraben so in case your skin starts to have some unusual negative changes stop using it.

The product doesn't appear to have any scent to it. Neighter can you smell any alcohol traces.


The product comes inside a 500ml bottle. It last for a really long time.The bottle is transparent with a lid on top.

The product is really affordable as well. It only costs 650 Yen.

How it works

I usually applied the product with cotton pads, but sometimes I just used my hands and patted it softly on my skin. I used it daily mornings and evenings after cleansing my skin as the first step of my skincare routine.
  • You can also use it has a face pack by applying enough product on a cotton pad and just leave it on your skin for about 5 minutes.
  • Use it after taking a bath to replenish the skin with moisture.

Rate 4/5

My skin truly felt more smooth after starting to use this product. I have barely any acne or redness on my face. The fluid absorbs really quickly after application leaving the skin soft. I never had any abnormal reactions even thought my skin is in no good terms with alcohol. It definitely deserves to be a bestseller.

Freitag, 7. November 2014

My Favorites: NYX Matte Lipstick MLS08 Pure Red Review

I'm a huge fan of red lipstick and can never get enough of them. Especially matte colours are my favorites. As I discovered in NYX matte line the pure red shade I just had to pick it up.

Product description

NYX has a matte lipstick line with several other colours. The lipsticks are very pigmented and they don't have a dry finish like other lipsticks tend to have. As a red lipstick lover, I just had to pick up the red from that line.


The lipstick comes in a black matte stick packaging. In the middle of the packaging there is a transparent space where you can see the lip color through. It is a compact and well-made packaging.

How it looks like:

Before applying any lipstick, I always fill in my lips with a lipliner. It helps my lips to look fuller and makes the lipstick last longer.
I just love this lipstick!! Application is so easy and it last for a really long time without making the lips feel dry.

Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

My Favorite Fall Blush: Canmake Cream Cheek CL07 Ruby Cherry Review


Canmake is by far my favorite japanese make-up brand. Click here to find out why.
In Fall 2014 they released a new cream blush shade. It's really rare to find dark blush shades in Japan, because most of the time girls use pinky or peachy colours.
Especially for Fall I was on a hunt for a darker shade and was really happy to find this one.

Product description

Canmake offers 8 different shades of these cream cheeks. Most of the colours are pinky or peachy. The shade of this cream was inspired by cherries. It's a red with a dark undertone. Beside this cherry red there is also another red with a warm undertone. It's called hot red.
You can use these cream products also as lipbalms.
These cream cheek blushes were voted No.1 bestsellers for cheek products by Cosme Cosmetics.

A big plus about Canmake is that the products are really affordable. They only cost 580 Yen each.


All of Canmakes products look always really cute. So does this cream cheek too. The packaging looks like a crystal. At some point it also looks there is a sun on the packaging. At the opening there is a little bow. On top of the cover there is the name of the product surrounded by a heart. On the bottom of the packaging there are the details shown.

How it works

The application is really simple. I usually never use cream blush, because it doesn't blend in well with the rest of the makeup and just makes everything look really flaky. This blush instead really impressed me. I could easily apply this with my bare fingers and it blended in perfectly without leaving any weird traces. The shades are also bildable. For a more natural look use less product and if you want your cheeks to pop, build up a second layer.

Rate 5/5

Well I wouldn't call it my favorite blush if I wouldn't give it full points, right? One of the reasons why this blush gets full points is because the colour is just beautiful. The other reason is that application is just so easy.

Montag, 27. Oktober 2014

Bioderma Atoderm Cream Nourishing cream Review

Because of my sensitive-dry skin, I'm always on a hount for a good moisturizer. Through several bloggers I've heard quite a few good things about Bioderma and decided to give it at try.

Product description

This cream is meant for sensitive and dry to very dry skin. It's not only moisturizing, but it also protects and nourishes the skin.
This cream is:

  • paraben-free
  • fragrance-fee
  • hypoallergic

This cream moisturizes the skin by mantaining the water inside the skin without letting it evaporate. This product shows immediate effect and strenghtens the skin moisture.


This cream comes in a bottle of 200ml. On top of the packaging it has a pump and makes the control of the amount of product much easier and hygenic. There seems also to be no problem when it gets towards the end and there is just a little left inside the bottle. Just turn the bottle upside down and take out the product with your finger.

How it works

This cream can be used for adults, children and babies. It doesn't only work for the face but also for your body.
You can apply it up to twice a day, after cleansing.

Rate 3/5

This cream has a really thick texture and makes the skin feel really sticky. I had to stop using it in the morning, because my skin would become really shiny and sticky during the day. Beside that I was using this product daily every evening. My skin felt more moisturised and I never had any breakouts.

Montag, 20. Oktober 2014

My Favorite Fashion Stores In Tokyo

By now I have lived in Tokyo for almost 1 1/2 year and beside the usual international clothing stores like H&M, F21 and Zara, I discovered some pretty awesome japanese stores as well. Most of them are all situated in Harajuku. Unfortunately all of these stores don't seem to ship internationally... :( I'm doomed.. ='(

1. Wego

This store is situated in Harajuku-Takeshitadori. There are about three stores there.. not sure why xD That store has literally the best fashion ever!! All the cool Tokyo fashion is offered there and it's really good quality as well.They offer a lot of accessory and bags. They always have the latest trends and change really quickly as well. It's always so much fun going through all those awesome clothes. They are so unique and eye-catching!
If there would be only one store from where I could shop from it would be WEGO!!
Unfortunately I have not found an online store that ships internationally.... Life ain't fair... =( Guess we have to do as many shopping trips to Tokyo as possible. :P

They have a facebook page where they show always their latest trends: It's a torture for me xD
There is also an App!! :O and a website

2. Snoberry

This store is also located in Harajuku-takeshitadori. (Yeah I'm a regular there :P) This store offers a lot of cool things for a small price. Compared to other stores in Takeshitadori, it's really affordable. The quality of the products is good as well. Once there was a fabric mistake on something that I purchased and they changed it immediately with a new one.
Sometimes when I see something in another store that was a little bit more on the expensive side, I could find the almost same piece in Snoberry for less.
This store reminds me of a chinese store in Italy. Not sure if that explanation even helps you. xD

I tried to look it up on the internet but the only snoberry that I found was iced tea... I don't think that's the right thing. :D

3. Feminine cafe

It's not a clothing store but a shoe store. Important as well. In Tokyo you can find shoes everywhere. Japan is a shoe-paradise, especially heels. You can find all kinds of heels. They have in every kind of shoes hidden heels as well. All the crazy stuff, they have it.
There might be one problem though. You might come across the problem of not finding your right size. If you observe correctly you will notice that a lot of girls walk around with too big shoes.. They are not to blame then it's really hard to find the right size, since mostly they only offer sizes from S to L... 
Lucky me, M works most of the time. Still I'm used to numbers.. (I'm EU38).. A lot of numbers.. So it's hard to understand why they only have 4 different sizes.

Now let's talk about this store. My favourite shoes store. It has the most beautiful shoes. Not only heels but also flat shoes. They always have the latest trends and change really often.

They have a website: and also a online shop. But as most of the shops it's only national... =(

4. Good Day House

This store is also in Harajuku-Takeshitadori. This store belongs to the more expensive side, but the quality is remarkable I usually always look around the street before I buy something from there.
In there I found school uniform dupes. Not the cheap quality uniforms, but those who look like the real thing.

In general they have a lot of unique and cute clothes. There is always something special there.

I found their website: but for some reason the clothes shown there are not close as awesome as they are in the store.

5. Tutu Anna

This is also not really a clothing store, but it's by far my favorite footwear store . They have several stores around Tokyo and one also in Harajuku-Takeshitadori. I alway buy there my tights, because they offer the best quality and have the biggest collection. They have all kinds of tights and socks. Usually they have a "3 pairs for 1000 Yen" offer.
If it comes to leggins you are better off looking for them in F21, since japanese girls usually don't wear leggins that often.

They have a website and also a online shop

Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014

CANMAKE Tokyo: My Favorite Japanese Cosmetic Brand

I can't believe it took me so long to actually try Canmake!! This japanese brand offers everything that you actually need. It has for everything the right product. It also has seasonal special product such as Halloween themed products and every here and then they release seasonal matching products. (It's currently fall and there are new darker cheek products out.)

When in Japan then CANMAKE!!

Canmake belongs to one of the cheap cosmetics-brands in Japan. A lot of products are around the 500 Yen section. I usually judge products by the price and didn't make any good experience with cheap products. Usually the product is just trash or the packaging is just super inconvenient. 
With Canmake it was different, the quality of this brand is just eccellent and it comes with such a large choice on products. I literally found even eyeprimer, which I've never seen before in a japanese drugstore. (guess I'm not looking deeply enough) Oh and my latest discovery was a nose contouring set. Awesome right? =)

Where is it sold?

In Japan you can find it everywhere, in every beautystore. Such as Matsumoto Kiyoshi or in a AEON Mall. Unfortunately I've never seen Canmake in any other country than Japan. Online you can find it on, but the price is quite more expensive than in the stores here in Japan.

Awww What am I going to do without Canmake?!? Girls give Canmake a try you will fall in love with it. =) Just the product's cuteness is irresistable... look at all these cute nail polish colors ;)

Let me know what experiences you made with Canmake and which is your favorite product? I really love their concealer. The coverage is really good and long-lasting.