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Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013

Long-stay Trip MUST-HAVE - 10 Beauty-Products - Asian version

Dear Friends,

I'm soon leaving for Japan again. (yeeeeey :D 楽しみにしている).
I was already there this year for 6 months. I only planned to stay there for 3 months, so I didn't bring along many things.
As I decided to stay longer, I had to stuck up on some things. Unfortunately there were things that I missed from back home and they didn't offer it like I wanted it to.

So here are some beauty-products that I advice you to bring with you to Japan or Asia in general. Remember that's all my personal opinion!! =)


It might be because japanese girls don't really use a lot of eyeshadow, so priming the eyes would be totally unnecessary. Rest assure it's impossible to find any good eye primer in Japan.


That's maybe not an Asian thing to contour the face. Well actually you can find bronzer in Japan. I found mine in ThebodyShop. Still the choice of bronzers is not as big as we are used to.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow

As mentioned above japanese aren't eyeshadow users. I think that's the reason why they don't sell those eyeshadows in Japan. Seriously I missed them soooo much!!!!


I did the mistake and only brought a few brushes with me.... Honestly take your full kit with you whereever you are going. It's so hard if you are an owner of good quality brushes, to not use them for almost 6 months....

Naked Palettes

If you are an owner of the Naked palettes, then take one with you. They don't have Urban Decay in Japan. I'm still not sure which palette I should take with me actually.
Which one would you recommend? =)

Favorite Perfumes

 I'm a perfume addict. I love having a choice of perfumes. I decide to pack with me my 2 favorite perfumes.
Here I'm taking with me my Giorgio Armani Mania and my Coco Chanel Mademoiselle.

..... I kind of couldn't come up with other beauty products that are necessary to take along. I decided to add some other things that I would suggest you to take along.


For non-asian it's necessary to take along underwear. They have different sizes and it's really hard to find the right size.
I accidentally forgot my swimsuit back home and it took me such a long time to finally find a swimsuit that more or less was wearable..

Intimate Products

I don't like using new brands, I want to have those products that are familiar to me. I always thought that the brand that I was using was internationally known, but I had to realise that it wasn't like that.

Nutella/Favorite Snack

Having something with you that reminds you of back home is always a good thing. ;)


If you are like me someone that catches a cold really quickly, then make sure to take along your medicine from hometown. For each country the medicine is developped differently and it's the best to have the medicine with you that you are familiar with.

Let me guys know what yours 10 must-have beauty products are!! =)