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Montag, 16. Dezember 2013

Etude House Sweet Recipe Chocolate Highlighter Review

I can't believe it!!! I've been using this product since forever, but I still haven't done a review on it...
LOL.. Did this ever happen to you too?!?
Well better late than never. =)

So let me introduce to you my favorite highlighter at the moment. If you are following me on Youtube, then you already know, that I'm using this product in "almost" every makeup tutorial. If you are not following me on Youtube, I would be sooo thankful to you, if you would take some time and check it out. If you click above on the sites on "Videos" you will directly be linked to my channel. Thank you for all the thumb ups and for following me. =) Means a lot to me <3

Product description

As mentioned before this is a highlighter, that you use on your face to highlight the spots that you want to give special attention. It comes with subtle pearls that provide luminousity.
This highlighter belongs to the Sweet recipe line from Etude House.
In this line all the products have a cute candy looking packaging.


Etude House has definitely shown us again that they really care about their packagings. Look at this product. It really looks like chocolate. Super adorable how the inside even looks like chocolate. Sooo cute. If it comes to packagings then Etude House is definitely the leader in creativity. Good job Etude House! =)

How it works

This highlighter comes in 3 different shades. You can use them individually or mixed together. I usually mix them. For that you basically just take a blush brush and swipe over all 3 shades and just apply it on your face.
It stays on the whole day, it doesn't look oily and it gives your skin a really natural glow.

How it looks like

The camera doesn't show it at its best, but you can slightly see a difference between the two pictures.
I applied the highlighter on the bridge of my nose, a little bit on my forehead, on my chin, above my lips and on top of my cheeks right below the eyes.

without Highlighter

with Highlighter

Personal opinion

Well I've been using this product not for no reason. I love it!! It gives my face such a nice natural glow. The packaging is way to adorable. Honestly if you come across this product, give it a try. =)


  1. I love the chocolate shape of this product, it's way too cute!

    1. It is!!! I actually saw that they also have a bronzer in the same way =)

  2. I wish I would have been able to snatch this when it was available. I'll have to try & find it on eBay or something bc this is GORGEOUS! Thanks for the review darling! <3