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Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2013

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint Fresh Cherry Pink Review

I had this product laying around for quite some time. I guess that's what happens, if you own too many products and never stop buying new things.

Anyways I just found this lip tint between all my other lip products and decided to analyse it. :D

Product description

Etude House has a wide lip product range. Here I wanted to talk to you again about another Lip tint. It consists of a really smooth texture and gives the lips a really natural finish.
Let's talk about the scent of this product!. It really smells like cherries!! It's like cherry chewing gum. =) Can you imagine it?!? Amazing, right? ;)

This tint is in the shade "fresh cherry pink", there are two other shades. "fresh cherry red" and "fresh cherry peach". A red and peachy color.


As mostly all the products from Etude House, also this one looks really cute. It kind of looks like a nail polish.
It has a really soft applicator and it gives you a really precise application.

How it works

This lip tint is not really pigmented. It applies really smoothly. It feels moisturizing and soft on the lips. Even thought after about 2 hours it starts to dry out your lips. So you have the possibility to reapply another layer to make it feel moisturized again or you apply a lip balm.
The color is not really pigmented but makes your lips look really natural. Which is also what was written in the product description. The great thing about this tint is that the color is really long lasting.

Fresh Cherry Pink

Down belong you can see how this shade looks like when it's applied.

Bare lips
with the lip tint

Personal opinion

There is something about this product that I don't like, but I still haven't figured out what it is. Maybe the fact that it dries out pretty quickly is irritating me. Then again the color is soo long lasting... Hmmmmm let me know what you guys think about this product. =)


  1. You always take such nice photos when you write reviews!! *-* This seems like a really great product - Etude House always has such nice things<33

    1. Kristina ありがとう =) you are sooo nice =) yeah they do but I really have to be careful to not fall into the brand trap.. even though Etude House is amazing sometimes they do have products that are not that great =)


  2. I've tried this before in the past. The color is nice and the packaging is so cute. But I also felt that it was really drying. Most Etude House products are hit or miss for me as well.

    1. Hi Dom =) Thank you for reading and following my blog <3 I'm glad that I'm not the only one that thinks like that =)