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Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2013

Etude House Dear Girls Tint&Lip Balm #PK001 Review

Etude House belongs to one of my favorite brands, if it comes to packaging and innovativity. They always surprise us with something new and the packagings are super cute.

Product description

Today let's talk about this lip product.
It belongs to the "Dear Girls" line and is a two-sided lip product. On one side it has the Lip balm and on the other it has the Lip tint.

Lip balm

The lip balm has a really nice citrus fruit scent. It is really moisturizing and makes your lips really soft.
It looks pinkish, but once applied you can't see any color at all.

Lip tint

The best way to apply this lip tint is with the brush.
That brush gives you a really precise application also in the small corners of your lips. First it feels really watery, but after some seconds it start to dry.
The lip tint has for some reason a cinnemon scent.

How to apply it

It doesn't say on the packaging which side to use first. At least not in english, excuse me if it's written in korean....
Anyways I tried both ways and it's possible to apply it eighter way.


It's a really small size. It contains 2ml of lip tint and 1.8 gr of lip balm. It seems like it was made for people that travel a lot. It has a round shape and fits in every small bag pocket.
The lid of the lip balm is a bit loose and sometimes it fells off, especially if you are holding the product from there.

How it works

It surely passed the food and drinking test. The color was still there and still moisturizing on the lips. It's actually kind of a persistent product. The color wouldn't even go off with makeup remover.
Although after some time it starts to look really natural. The color is still on, but looks more natural. =)
It feels great wearing it.

The Shade #PK001

Down below you can see how the color looks on my lips. It's a really nice berry red color.
If I'm not mistaken there has to be another color, but I'm not sure anymore. It should be a lighter color.

My Personal Opinion

I'm usually not a big fan of lip tints because they tend to dry out my lips...
As I saw this product in the Etude House store, I was thinking and rethinking if I should give it a try. I finally decided to buy it, I didn't regret it at all. I really love the texture of this product and the color is just amazing. I'm really happy about this choice.


  1. I love the color on you. This product looks super promising as well. It's good they include a balm since most tints to dry your lips out. Thanks for the review! <3


    1. Hi Ashley
      Thank you for stopping by =)
      Yeah I thought the same way =) I hate suuuper drying lip products... =( but this one is great =)

  2. You took such nice photos!! This looks like a great product I think I might just buy it :3

    1. Awww thank you Kristina =) you are soo sweet =) Yeah I'm thinking about buying the lighter color as well =) hope they still have it tho!!

  3. The other color is RD301 if I ain't wrong, the darker one. Etude House is also one of my favorite product but I haven't tried this one yet haha. Nice review! I don't really like lip tint though because it tend to dry out our lips. I use Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint and it fits me well, over all Etude House is a pretty good brand I think :D
    Thanks for the review xx

    1. I feel with you girl!! It's horrible what some lip tint can do to your lips!! ohh i've used the fresh cherry tint too but it doesn't really show off a lot of color on my lips... =( Thank you for reading my blog =)
      btw I loove your fashion blog =)) Just subbed to it!!