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Dienstag, 24. Dezember 2013

Dolly Wink pencil eyecolor Cream lame (ラメ) Review

At the beginning of my journey in Japan, I came across this pencil in a store in Shinjuku. I got super excited and bought it immediately.

I'm a huge fan of Tsubasa Masuwaka's brand Dolly Wink. There was not one product from that brand that I didn't like.
I had high expectations for this product as well!!

Product description

Dolly Wink is with Candy Doll created by the famous japanese Gyaru Tsubasa Masuwaka and labeled under Koji company.
This brand offers you a wide range of dolly look creating products.

Today's product is the pencil eyecolor in cream lame. This product is used on your lower eyelids.
This product is for creating a dolly look or better said the fake undereye bags, which is really popular in Asia.
I'm not really into this fake eyelid thing, but I Iike applying a lighter shade to my lower eyelids because it gives me a brighter look.


The product comes in a pencil form. It has a lid on top and you have to sharpen it.
It looks really cute. The lid has a flower shade and unfortunately the lid is to large for the pencil and it falls off everytime.

How it works

It says that it's a waterproof pencil and beside your eyelids you can also apply it on your waterline.
On a few reviews I read that it applied smoothly, but when I tried it on, I had the feeling that you need to press a bit more than with other eyepencils. Be careful not to hurt your eyes.
It really does a great job in brightening and in faking the eyebags. =) Great job Tsubasa!!
It stays on for about 6 hours. No need to reapply it or fix it.

How it looks like

It's a light highlighting color with a shimmery golden touch to it.

Down below I wanted to show you how it looks like:

  • I applied it on my lower eyelids. 

without eyecolor

with eyecolor
without eyecolor
with eyecolor

Personal opinion

It might be that I choose a default one, but I have to sharpen it everytime I use it. I have between the color and the pencil a hole, which makes the color stick really fragile. I can even move the color stick!! If I'm not careful I can get hurt with the wooden edges.
This was the reason for me disliking this product for a long time. I was never using it.
Recently I decided to study it and while testing it, I came to realise that it would have been an amazing product if it wouldn't be for that defect.
If someone else owns this product, let me know if your pencil is also breaking often!?

All-in-one Tsu-chan did a great job in creating this product. It really makes you look soo dolly!! =)


  1. All of the Dolly Wink products are so cute. I love the eyeliners too, they're wonderful. Maybe I'll try this one as well.

    1. Sooo true!! and they are pretty good too =) with those eyeliners I actually learned how to draw a thin line :D

  2. Great review, maybe I should get it now...

    1. Thank you for reading =) Yeah I really like this one =)

  3. I bought a dolly wink pencil eye colour from Japan a few weeks back. I think they made a new range. Mine's got different coloured packaging, it's pink. very creamy but doesn't break down. it looks very pretty on you ^_^

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

    1. I saw them too!!! I think they belong to the new collection because last year they still weren't available =) they seem quite different from this one =)

      Thanks for reading