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Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013

Diary of a Shopaholic: New Slippers!!

New Categorie

I created a new categorie in my blog. =)
I usually never posted much about fashion, but more about beauty-products. Today I decided that it's time to share with you my fashion catches and other fashion related stuff as well. =)
I called my categorie "Diary of a Shopaholic" because I have a shopping problem. xD I almost went nuts these last 3 month without shopping anything. No clothes, no shoes and no bags!! :O That sounds horrible, right?

Can I wear them forever? =)

This week I'm in my second hometown in Italy.
Yesterday I went grocery shopping with my parents. We went to a store called "Lidl". Besides of food and houseware, they also have some special offers for clothes, shoes, decoration and many other things.
As I was walking through that section I came across these slippers. They were the last pair and exactly my size. It's like they were waiting for me!! =)=)
I didn't think twice about it and just took them. They were super-inexpensive, only 9 Euros.

I always wanted these slippers, but since I was saving money I never really looked for them and there they were waiting for me in that store. =)=)

The white and red stripes give them a really Christmassy feeling. They are super-comfy, it feels like flying in them, I always have warm feets and don't they just look suuuper-adorable?!? =)

I'm thinking about taking them with me to Japan. =)
What do you guys think?!? Aren't they just adorable? =)

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