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Montag, 18. November 2013

Girls Drama: Work out with me - Train hard like a beast, look like a beauty

My Past - How did I mantained my body fit

When I was a teen, I never used to workout. I only did that bit of sport at school. I was never interested in any kind of sports and I was also too lazy to workout daily. A fitnesscenter was to boring for me and I knew that it would only be a waste of money, because I would go at the beginning and then stop.

When I turned 21, I discovered Zumba. I loved it a lot and it was so much fun. I went once a week to Zumba classes.
I stopped going to Zumba right before going to Japan.
For some time I wasn't working out at all, until I discovered a special youtuber.

This youtuber was a fitness-instructor. Her name is Cassie and her channels name is Blogilates.
I loooove her youtube-workouts. She is such a motivating instructor. Even thought she is only virtually here I'm kicking my ass off to do the workouts properly. I don't know even if I have never met her personally, she feels like a friend. =)

At the Moment - Working out with Cassie

As I came back from Japan I was working out daily, which is really impressing compared to what I used to do before.
I can tell and feel that my body has changed a lot. Well I never had weight problems to begin with, but I have really weak muscles and I wanted to shape my body.
I can definitely tell that I have more muscle than before.

The first 2 weeks of working out

At the beginning of working out, I had a lot of trouble to keep up or to even do the workouts. Sometimes I felt really bad, because I couldn't do the moves. It was really depressing and I thought I would never be able to do it, but with her help and motivation, I managed to keep up and try even if it was hurting as hell.

I get used to it

After after some weeks I felt so much better. I can keep up with her workouts. Not all but more than before. Working out became quite of an addiction!! I'm really starting to love the pain. I also have my regular workout-videos that I do everyday.
I really like working out with Cassie. She is an amazing person.

If you are interested in her channel than click here. I just wanted to share my thoughts about this amazing youtuber!

Here is how my Everyday Workout Routine

This is my first exercise that I do. It's great for the lover body-muscles.

Greatest leg workout ever!!! I looove it and seriously the "elvis's" are killing me everytime.

This is my favorite workout ever. This workout is great for your belly-abbs.

It's a funny workout and I bet it only works because it's 1D xD. Seriously I can't feel my ass anymore after this exercise..

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