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Donnerstag, 14. November 2013

The different types of Concealer

Concealer... a must have in every girls makeup-bag. This product could be a lifesaver!! Trush me. ;)
Today I thought about learning more about the different types of concealer.

  • Cream concealer
  • Pencil concealer
  • Fluid concealer
  • Apparently powder concealer

I have almost used all of them, except for the pencil and powder concealer. I actually never saw a powder concealer.... what about you guys??

Cream Concealer

This type is something in between a fluid and a pencil concealer.  It goes from light to strong coverage. You can easily mix two different shades together to get a new color out of them. Sometimes it tends to be really drying.
You can apply this product with a concealer brush or with your bare hands, make sure they are clean though.

undefined - Face - L'Oreal Paris
Source L'oreal Paris Website

Pencil Concealer

Really similar to the cream concealer. Its texture is also really cream. Just that instead of a pot, this concealer comes in a pencil form. It makes it really travel-friendly.
It's really easy to apply. It provides great coverage. You need to get the right shade, since it's not possible to mix different shades together. You don't need any tools to apply this product, since you can apply it directly on your spots that need coverage.

Fluid Concealer

This is probably one of the most used concealer. It is really similar to the cream concealer. Its coverage goes from light to strong. It's a great concealer for dry skin types.
It possible to mix two different shades together. It comes already in a packaging where an applicator is included.

Source: L'oreal Paris Website

Powder Concealer

It's apparently something new. It has a good coverage. It works great for oily skin types. You shouldn't apply it on wrinkles, since it would give them more definition.

Ps. Have you guys ever seen this type of concealer? If yes, what do you think about it?

How to blend in the concealer

It doesn't matter what type of concealer you are using, well except for the powder concealer, since I don't know how it works xD, I would recommend to blend it in with your bare fingers.
I used to always blend it in with a brush and recently I started to blend it in with my fingers and the result is so much better!! The coverage is better, I need less product and I don't need to wash any tools.

My personal favorite

Until now cream concealer have convinced me the most. They have a great coverage and stay on for a long time. I'm a huge fan of the concealer from Missha Perfect Cover and Revlon Photoready .

I have used many fluid concealer, but they never really convinced me. The coverage is not that great as the one from a cream concealer. Probably the best concealer till now has been the Maybelline Instant age rewind eraser .

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