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Montag, 4. November 2013

The Challenge: Liquid Pencil Eyeliner vs. Liquid Gel Eyeliner Review

It crossed my mind that I probably should have added the pencil liner as well, but I decided to not.
Personally I don't see it as equal to liquid eyeliner. It has another purpose than them.

I usually use the liquid eyeliner to line the upper eyelids.
I use both, liquid pencil and gel liner. They might seem identical but they are not.

Liquid Eyeliner


Most of them look like crayons. Sometimes they come in a small container with a brush.
Good eyeliner come with a really slim tip. The packaging have a nice size and can easily be carried around.


They come in basic colors like black and brown. Sometimes they haver glitter inside. They might also have blue as a color.


It depends on the brand. There are different types of eyeliner. Some are not as great as others. Compared to the gel liner they definitely last less long than them. They also tend to dry out really quickly.
My personal favorite is from Dolly Wink. 

Effect on the eyes

This is probably the most important point. How does it looks on the eyes. Since there are different types on the market it's kind of hard to explain it. 
Let's make it easier by comparing it to the gel liner.
It tend to look not as natural, because the contend is fluid as ink. It might shine a bit.
The texture dries out really fast. You can't really work with it. It's really long-lasting on the eyes.

Gel Liner 


The gel liner comes usually in a small pot. Not always but sometimes you get a liner brush with it.
I really have to admit that the brushes that come with the product are quite good. The brush usually is really thin and makes it easy to apply the gel. 
You need a brush to apply it on your eyelids, which doesn't make it a good travel-companion. On top of it you need to cleanse the brush.


Until now I have only seen black and brown. Let me know if there are actually other colors available.


There is quite a lot of product inside of these pots. It last you for a really long time and it doesn't dry out eighter.

Effect on the eyes

Compared to the liquid eyeliner, they look more natural. Usually the gel has a really matte finish, which gives it a more natural-looking finish.
It's also easier to work with these gel liner. With it's texture you can easily create smokey effects by smudging it out. Since the texture is more sheer, it tends to fade away faster than the pencil eyeliner.

My personal opinion

I personally used to like more the pencil eyeliner. It's easier to apply it and you don't need a brush for it. I always thought it would be more difficult to apply gel eyeliner. It took me some time until I started to use it.
Now that I'm using it as well, I really have to admit that with some practice it's not as difficult as it seems.
Still if I had to choose between those two I would go for the pencil liner.
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