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Dienstag, 5. November 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain + Balm Review

Biggest disappointment ever!!!!!

When I saw this Lipstains from Revlon in an italian beauty store, I was expecting soooo much from them. The only thing I got was disappointment.....

  • Instead of moisturizing my lips, they dried them out.
  • The color was pigmented, but it didn't last at all...

It's a double-sided stick and you don't really know exactly which side to use first. If you use first the lipbalm, the color isn't as pigmented anymore.
If you apply first the color, your lips are too dry and it's hard to apply the color. Super frustrating!!!! xD

As far as I know these lipstain haven't reached many countries. Until now I have only seen them in Italy.
They were also negatively rated in an international magazine. They compared these lipstains to others and they came on the last place.

As much as I love Revlon, I have to say that these are absolutely fail-products!
I totally regret buying them. I should have spent my money in buying other colors from the Colorburst Lipbutters instead.

Here are the 3 shades when they are applied.

Shade Passion

Shade Flame

Shade Frenzy

The best way to apply them is by first applying the color and then the balm.
With this type of pen applicator, it gives you a really precise application. I came to realize that these dry out pretty quickly. The shade Frenzy used to be much more pigmented than on the picture. It seems that it almost reached its end.


  1. I was gonna get it but after seeing your review, may be not... Many lip stains tend to dry out my lips so this would be a big no for me :( Thanks for the review! Just followed you!

    1. same here!! For some reason most of the lipstains dry out my lips. But since I love Revlon and think their lipbalms are amazing, I was sure that these will be the same.. but they were just a disappointment... aww thank you so much =) I will just check out your blog too =)

      xoxo Aida