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Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Skin Care Routine Review + Skin Care Routine Video!!

During the past few years I've changed my skincare routine many times.
I finally found a good skin care line, which I really like for my skin.
When I was in Japan one of my friend introduced me to the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail line.
Like me my friend was suffering from acne. She told me that she was using one of these product and everytime she had a breakout, she would just apply a bit of this product over the spot and the next day it would be almost gone.
This really got my attention and I asked the Missha staff, if I could have some samples. She actually gave me from the entire line samples. (This is a great service that Missha has. I always receive so many samples =))

I really liked the texture of the creams and my skin wasn't showing any signs of allergic reaction. So I decided to give this line a try.

First of all, you need to know my skin type:

  • dry skin
  • acne-prone and damaged
  • uneven texture
  • really sensitive

Super Aqua brand

This is a water based brand. It's based on Ice Plant Water, Blue Lagoon Water and Damask Rose Water to keep the skin hydrated.
It's a really gentle formula to mantain the skin moisturized and healthy.

Cell Renew Snail line

This is another sub-group from the Super Aqua brand.
This line is composed by snail slime. This component contains repairing and regenerating powers.
Missha developped this moisturizing and nutritive line for costumers who needs to recover from damage and strenghten their skin barrier in a natural way.
Snail slime is a really precious component, since it takes 6 hours to get 1 gr. of slime out of a snail.

The products from this line do all feel really moisturizing and are not sticky nor oily.
There is a special scent to the products. It smells like nature. I could imagine that some people don't like it. I personally don't have any problems with it.

Does this line covers up for my needs

Let's compare every single skin problem that I have with this line:

  • dry skin
    • This problem is covered with the Super Aqua brand.

  • Acne-prone and damaged
    • I can really tell that I have less breakouts. In the past I had suffered horrible breakouts and suffered from irritated skin and this lead my skin to damage. This line is meant to treat damaged skin, so I'm perfectly covered with it.

  • Uneven texture
    • Uneven texture is cause by build-up of dead skin cells, sun exposure and what for me is important DRY SKIN. By moisturizing my skin I can fix this problem, which makes this line perfect.

  • Really Sensitive
    • It says that this line recovers the skin in a natural way, which leads the products to be not too harsh.

Skin Treatment

This treatment or also toner was the one product, that my friend suggested me. She was using this treatment to cover up her acne spots.
This toner is a bit different than the usual toners, it is not 100% fuild. It is slightly thicker than a toner, but still enough fluid.
It absorbs right after application into your skin. Your skin feels really soft and moisturized after starting to take this product regularly.

It contains 30% snail extract for a glowing skin.

Essential Moisturizer

This moisturizer has a milk creamy texture. When you apply it on your skin it creates a thin layer on top of your skin to keep the moisture inside your skin. Right after application, it feels really cooling, which feels so great.
I like to let it stay for about 15 minutes before applying the cream. But that's just me you don't have to do that.

This is a lotion and essence in 1 bottle. It moisturizes the skin while repairing the damaged skin cells and strenghten them. It contains 40% snail extract.


This cream is actually transparent. It is slightly thicker than the moisturizer.
I sometimes skip this step. It kind of makes me feel like I applied already too much product.
Althought I just realised that this product comes with the most snail slime extract, so it probably has the most effect on my skin, if it comes to the damage repair.

This cream contains 70% snail extract. It has soothing and hydrating effects. This cream also contains baobab tree extract and deep sea water complex for providing extra moisture.

Instead of in a bottle it comes in a small container and an applicator is included in the packaging, which is important for the hygiene.

Sleeping Mask

I don't apply this mask everyday. Only once or twice a week. Like the whole line it's a really non-sticky cream. It feels really moisturizing. My skin feels really soft the next morning when I wash my face.

This sleeping mask brightens and makes your skin healthier. It contains 15% snail extract.
It provides the skin firm and rejuvenates while you are sleeping. It provides vitality and energy to your skin.


This skin care line also offers a cleanser. Which I didn't purchase and I still have the sample somewhere lying around. I never was really interested in it, because until now I was satisfied with my cleanser.

How effective was this skin care line

In the past 8 months (from April 13 to September 13) my skin has changed immensely. Partially it's because of this skin care line and partially because of The First Treatment Essence from Missha.
Just a few days ago I was watching at a picture that I took right at the End of 2012 and it was shocking for me to see how bad my skin was back then. Compared to then now my skin looks practically flawless, which is still not really true, because it's still really uneven and here and there I have damaged spots. The thing is I was embarassed to take pictures even with makeup on, so just imagine how bad my skin was. Now I don't even mind going out without even any makeup on.

This skin care line is by far my favorite at the moment. I love the texture of the creams and I can tell that my skin is still improving a lot. Since I started to use this line, I basically only have hormonal acne, which is really hard to get rid of.
My skin texture is still really uneven and I hope it will change as well as soon as my skin is enough moisturized.

My Skin Care Routine

I also did a Video about my Skincare Routine where the Missha Cell Renew Snail Products are included.


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