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Montag, 11. November 2013

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Review

I kind of have a hard time to find a good concealer. Not only to brighten up my dark circles, but also to cover up my acne spots.
I have used several concealer, but there was nothing that really impressed me.
My problem zone is probably my undereye area. Even though my concealer covers up my dark circles, after some hours I can see them again. Especially when I'm going out at night.

Here I wanted to take a closer look at this concealer, that everyone is praising about.

Product description

This product is not only a concealer, it also is a treatment.
It was specially made for dark circles.
The packaging contains 6.8ml. It doesn't really smells like anything.


It comes in a small stick-lookalike applicator. To get the product out of the packaging, you need to twist it. To get a proper amount out of it you need to twist around 10 times. Apparently this twist is really fragile and breaks pretty fast. It still didn't happen to me, and I hope it won't...
As you might can see with this huuuuuge puffy top, the cover became kind of dirty. Even though it's really easy to apply the concealer underneath your eyes.

What it says

  • This is a 3-in-1 eraser. It erases dark circles, puffiness and fine wrinkles.
  • For eliminating extreme dark shadow use a neutral shade
  • For best results blend in with outward motion.

How it works

I usually conceal my dark circles and acne spot, after applying fondation or bb cream. That way I only cover up where I really need coverage.
After concealing I fix everything with powder.

In this following video I'm showing you how effective it works. I already have applied fondation.

As you can see in this video, I purchased the wrong shade. This shade doesn't match my skin tone at all. I should have bought a darker shade. To show you that it still worked out I also applied powder.

As for the result:
You can still see my dark circles. Probably if I would have the same shade as my skin tone, it would have covered up properly.
I don't recommend using a brush to blend in the concealer. It doesn't work!! Use your fingers!!

My personal opinion

I won't say that it's the best concealer ever. First I was really impressed about it, but now I'm starting to doubt it. Especially after writing this review.
You kind of need a lot of product to conceal the undereye-area. This concealer will probably be empty in no time.
Also I would really recommend to buy a concealer that fits your skin type. Don't go for a lighter shade!! I made that mistake and took a shade that was slightly lighter then my skin type, because there wasn't a shade that matched my tone. It makes me look pretty pale and it can't really erase the dark circles.
I really like the packaging. It makes it so easy to apply the product. The fact that you need to twist it so many times is kind of annoying...
I usually apply everything with makeup brushes, but for some reason it doesn't work with this concealer. The brush kind of washes away the product.

Where to buy

You can buy this in every drugstore at the Maybelline section. I don't know about your country, but here in Switzerland, it's aways sold out... and for some reason we only have 2 shades!!!! They both don't really fit me.

What do you guys think about this concealer? You likey?

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