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Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

How I got rid of my dry hair / Product Review

Since I colored my hair, they have become really dry. It wasn't new to me that I had dry hair, since my hairstylist told me earlier this year that my hair was dry, but I never really felt it while touching my hair. Lately on the other hand, when I was touching my hair, it felt like I was touching straw.
I knew that I had to do something about it.

I'm not the type of person who likes to apply a ton of products into my hair. I wanted some simple and effective products.

The following products were the most effective against my dry hair.

Herbal Essences "Long term relationship"

I have mentioned this product in several other posts and again I have to tell you guys that this line is amazing!!! For some time I wasn't using this product at all. As my hair became really dry, I started to reuse this line. I'm using the shampoo and conditioner.

This line is actually meant for long hair, but even if I have short hair now, I use it and it works wonderful.
It's meant to protect the hair from damage and splits ends. It also makes your hair really soft and good-smelling.

Vitalcare Professional Protective&Moisturizing Hair Mask

My mom got me this mask earlier this year when I told her that I had dry hair.
I usually used to apply once a week a hair mask for about an hour. I stopped doing that when I was away in Japan for 6 months.
When I came back home, I started to reapply hair masks again.
Before even using the Herbal Essence products, I applied this hair mask on my hair. I let it on for about 1 hour and then rinsed it off. Right after rinsing the mask off, I could tell a huuuuge difference from before.

This mask is specially made for dry and weakened hair. It makes your hair bright, shinier and softer.

The result is simply amazing!!

Seriously guys, there are two worlds between how my hair felt before using these products and how they feel now!!! I think they never were this soft and shiny as they are now!! I looove touching them, it feels so soft!! =) I'm really satisfied with the result.

If you are suffering from dry hair, use a moisturizing hair mask and shampoo for damaged hair. It will really help you to restore the damage.

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