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Dienstag, 12. November 2013

Hairstyling Products Review (Kanebo Sala + Mandom Gatsby)

To style short hair, you can't avoid hairstyling products. They keep your hair in place. I never used to apply hairgel on my hair, so I'm really unfamiliar to these products.
As I cut my hair the hairstylist told me to go buy some hair gels or wax.
Right after cutting my hair I went to the beauty store and purchase two different products.

Kanebo Sala Hair Styling Wax "Moving Arrengements Wax"

Product description

This product was placed in the women section of the store. It's meant to style short hair.
It has a really nice scent to it. It slightly smells like lemons.
It contains 90gr. of product. The texture is kind of hard.

What it says

  • Moving up the hair (I think they mean that it gives volume to the hair)
  • Long-lasting
  • It is also a treatment, since it contains Honey.
  • Gentle fragrance

How it works

Take a small amount and rub it between your hands. Knead it all over your dry hair until you get that desired look. It doesn't work on handtowel-dry hair.

As you can see my hair have a lot more volume, but they all reach to the same direction. It looks still really elegant.

My personal opinion

At first I didn't like it. After using it for several times I started to like it. The smell is really nice, gives it a really feminine touch. The hair feels really really soft and it's not sticky. When you touch your hair you can feel that there is product inside, but it's not uncomfortable. Your hands don't get sticky.
The product feels really hard inside the packaging, but when you have it in your hands, it becomes quite creamy.
It kind of takes a bit more shampoo to wash it off. Also I wouldn't recommend to go to sleep without washing it off.

Mandom Gatsby Moving Rubber "Wild Shake"

Product description

This product is really popular in Japan. It's actually a product for men, but who cares.
It is amazing. It seriously can transform your hair into Son Goku when he is transformed. xD
No wonder this brand is so popular in Japan.
The texture is actually really creamy. It contains 80gr. of product.
The smell isn't that great, but it's bearble. You don't smell anything when it's applied.

What it says

  • Specially made for short to medium short hair
  • The texture makes it easy to shape and style your hair as many times as you want
  • Second strongest styling power among this brand
  • Creates spiky 3-dimensional look
  • Paraben-free
  • Moveble Texture
  • Feels not tacky nor sticky

How it works

Take a small amount out of the packaging and rub it into your hands. Knead it all over your dry hair until you get your desired style.

I was thinking that it maybe would hard to wash it off, but what a surprise!! It's not at all hard to wash off. Just wash it off with your shampoo.

My personal opinion

The first time I tried it, I wished my hair would stop growing long for just being able to use this product. xD
The texture is really amazing! Your hair stay in place the whole day.
It actually is a little bit sticky. I wouldn't recommend you to touch your hair when you're outside, since it makes your hands sticky.
You have to wash your hands after applying it, because of the stickiness.
I love how it looks like. It gives you still a really natural looking finish. It doesn't make your hair hard.
You need to wash it off before going to bed.

The differences

As you can see from the pictures, they both give a total different result. The Gatsby is more on the messy side, while the Sala is more a neutral-elegant way of styling your hair.

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