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Freitag, 22. November 2013

Good way to keep your skin moisturized during the day

Not everywhere but at some parts of the world it's getting really cold. In winter your skin needs more moisture than during the other seasons.
If you are like me already the type of dry skin, then you definitely need even more moisture than other people do.

I usually wear during the whole day makeup and there is no way that I could apply any moisturizer now and then.

Here is an easy way to moisturize your skin during the day, without the need to think about it always.

In the morning when you are about to apply makeup, take your fondation or bb cream.

Here I'm using a bb cream from TheFaceShop.

Take a moisturizer. I would recommend one that is more on the watery side.

I've been using the Water Bank essence from Laneige.

Mix them together and apply it on your face.

Finish it off by fixing your makeup with powder.

Easy right? The moisturizer will keep the moisture inside your body for the whole day. Don't forget to drink a lot of water!! =)


  1. Nice tip here. What I usually do is just apply the cream first and the face make up on top :)